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    • Since Ducati collaborated with Thok Ebikes to develop their own, I'm inclined to say that they might be more fun. 😀

      I started young riding both mountain bikes and dirt bikes into my twenties and I must say, this feels like a match made in heaven. I love the agility of a mountain bike, but there's something about looking up at a commanding hill, shrugging it off and just twisting the throttle.

    • Thanks so much for sharing those resources. I decided on a Trek Dual Sport+ and took it out for the maiden voyage this morning. Fantastic. I think this bike is going to save my sanity this winter.

    • Pics!! This thread has convinced me to buy an ebike for my wife for Christmas. She rides her old & busted bicycle on errands all the time but she's range and time limited. I think she'd go crazy over a new ebike.

    • If you're going going to stay on paved trails, what about one of the 250W front hub conversions? They're as simple as replacing the front wheel. I have a bad knee from a motorcycle accident back in the mid-90's and can only pedal 5-10 miles before it gives out and I can't even stand. I finally bought a front hub motor with a battery good for about 20 miles this Fall and my wife is pleased because we can go on long rides again.