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    • Four days of riding in Yosemite National Park with a group of amazing cyclists, fully supported, including a bike van with mechanics, spare parts and wheels. The Yosemite Cycling Camp also included lodging with delicious homemade vegan food. Everything included. So, hell yeah! Sign me up for the next year too.

      The 2019 camp was hosted by Vegan Cyclist, Tyler Pearce, with 34 cyclists + 8 mentors / staff. Located on the shores of the Bass Lake Pines Resort (30 minute drive from Yosemite National Park) the camp was amazing.

      We made life-long friends and rode through breathtaking landscapes filled with forests, rivers, and waterfalls. It’s what this camp is about. The memories of pain, suffering and the joy of riding forever bonded us as we tore up the mountains and furiously descended. 

      To start, I’ll tell my story and then my new friends from the camp + Tyler will chime in and add more.
      Please ask any questions about the camp! (Good question: why would anyone pay to suffer like we did?)

      The highlight photo of the camp was this iconic Tunnel View vista spot:

    • I grabbed the last spot on the camp as a favor from Tyler, who I’ve met a year prior in the Bass Lake Triathlon. From that day it was as if we'd known each other for years. We love talking about bikes, food and training.

      Bass Lake is a beautiful, tiny town, where everyone knows each other.

    • The main house in Pines Resort had spectacular views of Bass Lake’s marina. It’s where we hung out, feasted, and planned the next big ride.

    • We all stayed close to each other in Chalets of Pines Resort. Some people flew to Fresno and shuttled in, others drove. There was plenty of parking for everyone.

    • Chalets had slightly different layouts. Ours hosted four: Poll from Oxford, England; Vasily from Toronto, Canada; Tanner from Tampa, Florida and myself from Santa Clara, California. Downstairs had a bathroom and a shower, the main floor had a pull out couch, and the attic had an air mattress.

    • We got back to the house and gathered to discuss our game plan. The next few days of riding were going to be epic and “the stoke was high”.

    • As our first day at the camp wrapped, I stepped out on the deck to capture the night view of the marina.

    • Day 1

      We woke up to a sunny and beautiful lake view and two support vans from Eliel Cycling manned by Jordan, Tyler and team. Those two support vans elevated our riding experience to a whole new level.

      Knowing they were always there for us, let us rip up the climbs and bomb down the descents hard! 

    • We kicked off our morning with a hearty vegan breakfast of hash browns, steel-cut oats, fruit and granola. The fresh brewed pots of coffee were a huge hit. Just the smell got everyone going.

    • I missed the official first day ride around the lake, but made it up by riding the loop with my friend Vasily.

    • I struck up a conversation with Cassandra, the owner of the shop, whose story is fascinating. She acted in Hollywood soap operas but left her Malibu life to be a missionary. She and her husband opened the coffee shop to provide a place for the youth of North Fork to gather for tutoring, mentoring, video games, homework or just hanging out.

    • The 24.5 mile ride with 1.9K elevation included one of the fastest and smoothest 10 minute descents I’ve ever done, averaging 30 mph.

    • A big carbo load dinner was waiting for us when we got back. Next coming days were going to be long, hard and epic rides.

    • While eating dinner, Tyler and a few other mentors talked about “challenges of a balanced life and training”. We all needed to hear that even our role models struggle with balance and have to constantly readjust their schedules to fit the unpredictability of life.

    • Day 2

      Next morning we gathered for breakfast at the main house and got ready to head out for a big day of riding.

    • We regrouped at the base of a long descent and moved our warm gear to the Eliel Cycling support van. Big climb was ahead of us and we wanted to stay cool and light.