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    • Absolutely. That’s our mission, to be the trusted platform for parents. That started for us with exactly that: safety and ownership of your photos. I know that other social media networks say they own your photos, and whilst I haven’t seen my photos posted there appearing anywhere else no one quite knows what’s happening with them. So we provide that level of reassurance. These are your precious babies! That’s super-key for us. And with our new products starting to roll out, it’s starting with our trusted relationship with parents. So we’re just trying to build upon that, and not do anything to change that. And also I think people appreciate customer service as part of that trust - they trust us to fix a problem, whether they have paid or a free membership. Sometimes people often email us in an aggressive way, because they don’t expect someone to be on the other end of the line as most companies have automated responses, and when we reply, they apologize - they realize there are real people at the other end of our email, and it makes a big difference. So those are just a couple of the things we do to build trust with Tinybeans families.