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    • Some of the most effective things we’ve tried have been the most simple. Like one of the things we do is, after we know that parents have been onboardeded, and they’re using the product to share, we send them an email saying “If you’re loving Tinybeans, we’d love it if you could post in some parenting groups you belong to.” And that’s had a huge impact. Such a simple, easy thing to do, and it’s been effective because people use their own words.  So it doesn’t seem inauthentic or forced. We haven’t told people what to say, or paid them to say it. It’s just people sharing with others in their communities what they love about Tinybeans. It’s super-simple, doesn’t cost us anything, and has had real impact. The other one is constantly tracking the data, seeing where we can strengthen things that are important to us. One of the key things for us is having parents add family members as soon as possible. If you’re just posting for yourself, it’s easy to fall out of the loop, because parents are busy. So parents seeing other family members getting value from the sharing really helps. And tapping into peoples’ emotions. People often ask “Why would we use Tinybeans when we could use Google photos?” And my answer is that parents put that little bit of extra effort into Tinybeans, adding captions, so they can remember better. My favorite feature by far is “Flashbacks” where we surface memories unexpectedly. The office knows when I'm stuck in Flashbacks as I'm always nearly in tears about how tiny and cute my kids were when they were babies. Those everyday moments you forget about that get surfaced are the ones that mean the most and we want parents to appreciate making that little extra effort so they have that for the future.