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    • xorius

      Thank you for making TinyBeans! We have been using it for the last 2 years since our daughter was born and love it! Was there a specific event that made you want to start the company? How has your own parenting experience informed the product?

      • It was really my cofounder Stephen’s original idea when his third son was born, and he said some of his friends were writing blogs, sharing all the news of their kids, and he was too lazy to do that. And I’m grateful for his definition of lazy. He wanted to create an app to share photos of his son with his family, and they loved it. His family wasn’t on Facebook. We got introduced through a mutual friend as my background was in marketing and I’d done a lot of work reaching parents and had just become a parent myself. As well as just moving to Australia from England. And we just met for a half-hour coffee, and became cofounders ever since. It was a product I wanted, and I thought “Why not try it?” We didn’t make a penny from Tinybeans for years, but I never lost sight of the fact that it was a great idea, I wanted it, my family wanted it and my friends’ families wanted it. I’m glad I had that approach even thought it didn't seem very sensible to a lot of people.

    • What is the craziest/most important thing happening on Earth right now that people should know about?

      • Oh wow! Well, Australia just had an election dubbed the "Climate Change Election" and the planet did not come out the winner. It's crazy that in the aftermath of the election, the conversation is around how we can get the majority to prioritize climate change without moralizing. Crazy that one of the biggest threats to the planet seems to be becoming a marketing exercise and political weapon instead of a mission everyone gets behind for our collective survival.

    • jim

      Are there any interesting trends you’ve noticed among your users that you’re willing to share?

      • I talk to our users a lots and the thing that I’m thinking about the most is how to stop people regretting not taking the photos that will mean the most in the future. That’s a REALLY hard one. Personal regrets are I think I’ve got only one or two pictures of me being pregnant, no pictures of me breastfeeding - all those everyday moments I thought I’d never forget, but now struggle to picture. I’ve heard from people wishing they’d taken photos of their bump growing then changing to a photo of the baby when it’s born, you can’t fake those pictures afterwards. So we’re constantly thinking of enabling ways to capture the moments that mean the most without putting life in a lens, or permanently having your phone in your hand - capture the moment so they can enjoy the moment.