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    • Sure! This is definitely a challenge for us. New York and Sydney are not very compatible timezones, especially this time of year. There’s very little crossover. So we use Slack to stay in touch. We have a daily standup between our product and tech team that we do at the end of NYC time / beginning of Sydney day. And that makes a huge difference as well. And I think it’s just trying to over communicate. We try to plan out as much as possible so people can work independently in their timezones. It’s definitely a challenge, and one we’re always trying to learn about better ways to do it. It’s about being flexible. Our team are incredible. Sometimes the NY team is here a little later than they want to be, but they can also come in later in the day, so they can balance their personal and work lives. Any tips anyone else has, I’m open to hearing! Technology is amazing. We use Zoom, Slack, Jira to move things along the process. But time transportation would be even better!