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    • So we have a handful of values that we try to stick through to and we try to apply each of these values equally amongst our team and our users. One of them is we’ve got your back. I’ve got your back for our team means we can always count on each other and for our users, how we think about this is how we look after their kid’s photos; how we guard their privacy; how they own their photos. And we really look after them. We still answer every email that comes through personally. We don’t let any query go unanswered. So that’s just a couple of ways we have each other’s back. And spreading sunshine - we try to make Tinybeans as happy and positive place as possible! And that comes from being founded in Australia but traveling the world, spreading happiness. Our users often say that Tinybeans is the highlight of their day. We enable parents to share photos of their kids safely and securely with their families. And compared to Facebook which can feel like a drunken bar fight sometimes, it's a really happy space. It’s often grandparents who say it’s the highlight of the day. One user said “I save my Tinybeans for my coffee beans” - every morning, they get their cup of coffee, they make a ritual of it, and log into Tinybeans. Another value is trying to have fun like a kid, and never forgetting that level of playfulness and joy and bringing it into our work and all that we share with our users. And telling it like it is: as a team, we try to give really candid feedback so we can grow, and Tinybeans is a place where you show off your photos you wouldn’t want to necessarily put on Instagram, where everyone seems to have a perfect life - Tinybeans is all those small everyday moments, kids with food on their faces or having a tantrum. I had a memory flash up of my son, now he’s nine, when he was three, having tantrumed (is that a word) himself to sleep because he was so cross, and I didn’t enjoy it at the time, but now it’s super-cute. So telling it like it is.