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    • I think I touched on it earlier about the joy it brings them. That’s what we try to do, provide the most happiness. These days if you watch the news it can feel like it is all doom and gloom, and Tinybeans gives you safe refuge. NYMag calls us “the happiest place on the internet.”  I wish I’d thought of that myself and we're always trying to give people a positive reason to come to Tinybeans. It’s about how much we connect them. My family’s in England, my husband’s family is in Greece and New Zealand, families can be so spread out, so how connected we can make them feel is important. One grandparent wrote to us the other day thanking us, saying they hadn’t seen their grandchildren for a year, but that they “see them every day, how they’re growing, and I feel so much more connected to them thanks to Tinybeans.” So giving people those happy connected moments is why we do what we do. Every day I read all the reviews that come in, customer support sits in my team, and I’m obsessed with making that happen.