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    • Absolutely. That’s our mission, to be the trusted platform for parents. That started for us with exactly that: safety and ownership of your photos. I know that other social media networks say they own your photos, and whilst I haven’t seen my photos posted there appearing anywhere else no one quite knows what’s happening with them. So we provide that level of reassurance. These are your precious babies! That’s super-key for us. And with our new products starting to roll out, it’s starting with our trusted relationship with parents. So we’re just trying to build upon that, and not do anything to change that. And also I think people appreciate customer service as part of that trust - they trust us to fix a problem, whether they have paid or a free membership. Sometimes people often email us in an aggressive way, because they don’t expect someone to be on the other end of the line as most companies have automated responses, and when we reply, they apologize - they realize there are real people at the other end of our email, and it makes a big difference. So those are just a couple of the things we do to build trust with Tinybeans families. 

    • Being an international company, how do your teammates stay connected and updated across timezones? Are there particular productivity tools you’d recommend, or tips for founders with distributed teams?

    • Sure! This is definitely a challenge for us. New York and Sydney are not very compatible timezones, especially this time of year. There’s very little crossover. So we use Slack to stay in touch. We have a daily standup between our product and tech team that we do at the end of NYC time / beginning of Sydney day. And that makes a huge difference as well. And I think it’s just trying to over communicate. We try to plan out as much as possible so people can work independently in their timezones. It’s definitely a challenge, and one we’re always trying to learn about better ways to do it. It’s about being flexible. Our team are incredible. Sometimes the NY team is here a little later than they want to be, but they can also come in later in the day, so they can balance their personal and work lives. Any tips anyone else has, I’m open to hearing! Technology is amazing. We use Zoom, Slack, Jira to move things along the process. But time transportation would be even better!

    • You know, that’s really interesting. I think it’s because we don’t necessarily think of ourselves as successful yet. We have such a big vision. We started with photos, but there’s so much we want to do, we’re at the beginning of the journey. It’s a uniquely Australian thing - “tall poppy syndrome”, you can’t get too big for your boots - which can be dangerous when you don’t celebrate your achievements, but it keeps you grounded and honest and striving for more. So we think of ourselves as the start of a journey, and we know there’s so much more we want to do.

    • It was really my cofounder Stephen’s original idea when his third son was born, and he said some of his friends were writing blogs, sharing all the news of their kids, and he was too lazy to do that. And I’m grateful for his definition of lazy. He wanted to create an app to share photos of his son with his family, and they loved it. His family wasn’t on Facebook. We got introduced through a mutual friend as my background was in marketing and I’d done a lot of work reaching parents and had just become a parent myself. As well as just moving to Australia from England. And we just met for a half-hour coffee, and became cofounders ever since. It was a product I wanted, and I thought “Why not try it?” We didn’t make a penny from Tinybeans for years, but I never lost sight of the fact that it was a great idea, I wanted it, my family wanted it and my friends’ families wanted it. I’m glad I had that approach even thought it didn't seem very sensible to a lot of people.

    • Oh wow! Well, Australia just had an election dubbed the "Climate Change Election" and the planet did not come out the winner. It's crazy that in the aftermath of the election, the conversation is around how we can get the majority to prioritize climate change without moralizing. Crazy that one of the biggest threats to the planet seems to be becoming a marketing exercise and political weapon instead of a mission everyone gets behind for our collective survival.

    • I talk to our users a lots and the thing that I’m thinking about the most is how to stop people regretting not taking the photos that will mean the most in the future. That’s a REALLY hard one. Personal regrets are I think I’ve got only one or two pictures of me being pregnant, no pictures of me breastfeeding - all those everyday moments I thought I’d never forget, but now struggle to picture. I’ve heard from people wishing they’d taken photos of their bump growing then changing to a photo of the baby when it’s born, you can’t fake those pictures afterwards. So we’re constantly thinking of enabling ways to capture the moments that mean the most without putting life in a lens, or permanently having your phone in your hand - capture the moment so they can enjoy the moment.