Regarding self injection @Dracula. Good question, about self vaccination.

Millions of diabetics inject themselves with insulin, a potentially lethal drug, everyday and some of them more than once a day, so certainly folks CAN, and do, inject themselves with medication fairly reliably every day, all around the world.

The issue is not just that the technically correct intra-muscular ( NOT sub dermal, nor intra-venous nor intra-arterial, nor subcutaneous ) injection of the vaccine is very important, BUT, that proper record keeping of the specific individual getting the vaccine, their medical history, their reaction to previous medications and vaccines, the vaccines specific dose/lot tracking number injected, and that the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines were transported and montored during transportation and storage to insure they retained their potency up until the moment they were injected into my arm, are all reasons that the health departments will not permit folks to manage their own self injection. A stance I fully support.

My wife is a nursing instructor - she is certainly capable of injecting medications properly - but keeping the records, and certifying they are absolutely accurate, is a task best left to a facility designed for and used to carrying out those tasks of appropriate administration and accurate record keeping.

We do not want doses to be lost or misused, nor diverted to off record transactions either.