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    • I have already seen articles describing folks travelling to Saudi Arabia on the promise of a black market vaccination for a mere "$10,000 USD".

      Somehow I am reluctant to let any black marketer sell me any injection on a "promise" of a result. Why counterfeit coins or currency, when drugs are so much easier to counterfeit?

      The Moderna vaccine looks like 1/2 cc of water in a syringe - I know this, because that is what mine looked like last Thursday, which was provided by my local county health department, at no charge to me, and administered by a retired Registered Nurse volunteer. I have had no significant symptoms other than minor tenderness at the site of injection which lasted only about 48 hours.

      In this context it is worth considering this article. Who really is responsible for creating safe, and very effective, vaccines in only 10 months? Despite Dr Fauci's estimate that it might take 18 months to four years or more.

      There are also a Russian vaccine and a Chinese vaccine being used in several nations around the world. These vaccines have no received approval by the FDA, for use in the USA, yet; nor are they likely too, I hesitate to point out.

      As for vaccinating the world, that is on the way too, beginning this spring, I suspect.

      I worked for Eli Lilly for two full summers while I was in school, so I spent one summer working out of doors in their veterinary medicine facillity and their viral labs, and one summer as an intern, in downtown Indianapolis, in their gastrointestinal biochemical research lab.

      I never met a single Lilly employee who didn't display the highest regard for the importance and veracity of their companies products. These were line employees, not corporate officers, and they all took their tasks very seriously, and understood the importance of the purity of their products to the world at large.... They knew their family members, or their neighbors, might one day be treated with drugs they, themselves, helped manufacture, or create, and they carried that trust with them every day. The character and credibility of Eli Lilly is their real product, not a single drug.

      It is currently fashionable by some folks to believe all corporations are vile actors, yet corporations are like individuals. They deserve to be evaluated on the basis of their character and value to society, not by being a "member of a tribe".

      All I really know, is that successful vaccination is going to be required to really get this pandemic rolled up, and the sooner the better.

      Johnsons and Johnson and AstraZenica vaccine will be approved within a couple weeks....

    • They were quick off the gate with large trials. Creating vaccines can be done in less than two weeks but it’s the testing that takes time. You probably know this.

    • The Pfizer can be used with a 1 mil syringe but those are in short supply around the world so many countries have been using larger ones. The testing was speeded up, not by taking short cuts but by fast tracking certain things not related to safety. No red tape so to speak. It’s a race between vaccinating the world and the virus mutation rates. Fingers crossed. Glad you got the vaccine. The second dose should create a bit stronger of a body response/soreness but that’s the point - to create an immune response.

    • Seems Johnson & Johnson has now a vaccine, which - if I get this right - while not as statistically effective as others, doesn't even require second shot, or very special handling..

      In an interview with a news agency Dr. Fauci explained on how this helps, by reducing the number of severe cases, and in their trials prevented any deaths, even though those vaccinated may in fact exhibit harder symptoms than those treated with the alternatives.

      My takeaway is that any vaccine that would cause no harm, and is proven effective to a reasonable extent, is great news.

    • Regarding self injection @Dracula. Good question, about self vaccination.

      Millions of diabetics inject themselves with insulin, a potentially lethal drug, everyday and some of them more than once a day, so certainly folks CAN, and do, inject themselves with medication fairly reliably every day, all around the world.

      The issue is not just that the technically correct intra-muscular ( NOT sub dermal, nor intra-venous nor intra-arterial, nor subcutaneous ) injection of the vaccine is very important, BUT, that proper record keeping of the specific individual getting the vaccine, their medical history, their reaction to previous medications and vaccines, the vaccines specific dose/lot tracking number injected, and that the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines were transported and montored during transportation and storage to insure they retained their potency up until the moment they were injected into my arm, are all reasons that the health departments will not permit folks to manage their own self injection. A stance I fully support.

      My wife is a nursing instructor - she is certainly capable of injecting medications properly - but keeping the records, and certifying they are absolutely accurate, is a task best left to a facility designed for and used to carrying out those tasks of appropriate administration and accurate record keeping.

      We do not want doses to be lost or misused, nor diverted to off record transactions either.