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    • After a month of shelter-in-place orders in Santa Clara County, California, the shopping at Costco has changed. Long lines outside are getting shorter; most customers and store workers now wear masks, and there are fewer people in the store at any given time.

    • The last time I shopped at Costco was almost two weeks ago, and the line outside was an hour long and about 4 times what it was today. Today I waited about 15 minutes to get it.

    • There are still a few items out of stock, but far more options for essential groceries. No toilet paper.

    • Inside the store, everyone tries to keep the social distancing and seems to look more optimistic than just a couple of weeks ago.

    • Rice bags are still limited to 1 bag per person, but there are at least 5 different choices of rice.

    • The checkout lines are getting long again. Shorter lines to get in the store means longer lines to get out.

    • Shoppers are still buying as much as their carts can hold to make fewer trips to Costco. Large glass panels separate cashiers from the shoppers. Every other register is closed to allow for social distancing.

    • Today's Costco run seems like the beginnings of a New Normal here in California. Longer lines outside, fewer shoppers, and everyone tries to spread out. Most items are in stock and plenty. Social distancing is not too bad. I can live with that!

    • I went to Costco again, almost 2 weeks after the original post. This time there was no line to get in the store and almost none while checking out.

      On May 4th all of the customers and employees will be required to wear masks inside the store. I would estimate that 90% of customers and all employees yesterday already wore masks. Also, plenty of toilet paper and paper towels.

    • “You have hit a new low... you are an American corporation with an obligation to support our American values,” tweeted Eric Torres, who appears to be serious. “Dictating face mask for your workers is one thing but forcing this on your loyal members who paid for a membership is a complete abuse of power.”

    • I braved Home Depot yesterday for my broken drip system. No food here, must be light traffic, yes? Nope, packed. 5 minute line outside, 10 minutes at the register. Busier than I’ve ever seen them inside. Lots of close encounters with other customers, employees.

    • Masks required, but I noticed a few maskless men inside. One was mid-70s, I’d guess, handling the checkout machines without gloves. He was fairly overweight.

      Usually I’m fearless about talking to people and I was fascinated by what his story would be. Did he already have Covid and felt he was immune? Did he, like my 90-year-old father-in-law, think Covid is just another flu and this is all bull? But he was busy with his checkout so I let him be.

      The store had the look of employees not able to stay up with keeping the shelves sorted. Drip parts were scattered in the wrong bins, etc.

    • All the employees inside had masks but I notice a lot of them had the masks covering their mouths but not noses. There were banners saying they are hiring.

    • This brought joy into my heart.

      Tison greeted the man’s Instagram followers, politely told him to have a great day and walked away ― taking the customer’s shopping cart of goods with him. 

      “You’re no longer welcome here in our warehouse,” Tison said. “You need to leave, thank you very much.”

    • We had a guy in NZ go into a national chain pet store and rile up the young girl at the door about his rights and not providing his details for potential contact tracing, he filmed himself and the young girl and posted his righteous indignation on Youtube, and has been categorically slated by almost all.

      In the video he goes on about his right to privacy, but clearly shows his cars numberplate which has lead to him being publically identified.

      While Tison is a genuine Legend, this guy might be described in kiwi slang as a leg-end. He thinks he's great but everyone else thinks he's a total dickhead.