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    • Wow. That finale was an emotional roller coaster. I cringed, I laughed, I cheered, I even cried. What a finale that was. There were a lot of talking points considering it was about an hour and a half long. If you missed my previous post you can find it here.

      The opening scene

      That was so crazy that opening scene. First off I need to give a round of applause to the cast, especially Millie for that incredible performance. El was screaming in pain, and everyone else looked to be completely shocked and stunned when Jonathan carved into El's leg and then stuck his fingers in there to get the slime worm thing out. As far as shock and awe goes, that scene was probably the most intense scene of the entire season. And the way the scene ended? With Hopper squishing the slime goop under his heavy boot? I actually cheered when that happened. It was so cool.

      Splitting up again

      Just like last season's finale, the group are forced to split up to defeat the Mind Flayer. The adults head into the Russian base, Scoop Troop heads up to Dustin's Cerebro to maintain communication with the adults, while Jon and Nancy were charged with bringing the rest of the kids to Murray's bunker for protection. But of course, things don't go according to plan as Billy had sabotaged their car, forcing them back into the mall where the Mind Flayer drops in, giving us another horror genre experience.

      The entire scene with the Mind Flayer looking for the kids as they hid at separate ends of the mall was a real horror genre moment, especially when El, Mike, and Max were hiding in GAP and the Mind Flayer sent his tentacle mouth things in to look for them, and when it was chasing the rest of the kids out of the mall down the road as they drove away. Oh yeah, huge respect to Steve for saving the day yet again by crashing his car into Billy's, saving Nancy from being crushed.

      Dusty-bun and Suzie-poo!!

      We finally got to see Suzie! She's real! Not that I ever doubted her existence, Dustin wouldn't have gone through all that trouble to build Cerebro if she didn't, but I'm glad we finally got to see her! Not only did she save the day by unknowingly relaying Planck's constant to Hopper, she gave us one of the absolute funniest moments of the entire season! Her performance with Dusty-bun was an absolute highlight of the season, possibly the entire franchise, and I loved it.

      RIP Billy

      Billy has been a douche ever since he joined the show, but he died a hero. El's brilliant move to connect with Billy using his memories of his mother worked, and you could see the Mind Flayer's corrupting veins slowly disappearing from Billy's face. He sacrificed himself to save El, possibly indicating that despite being flayed for most of the season, he was still aware of what he was doing and what was happening around him. I guess in Billy's case, one moment really can be a man's redemption.

      RIP Hopper

      This hit me hard. Hopper was one of the best characters on the show. He was supposed to go on a date with Joyce at Enzo's after this was all over. And his speech that El read at the end? That got me all teary eyed. What a way to end the season.

      Bryers moving out

      Looks like the Bryers will be moving away after all (with El), which is really sad. Jon and Nancy, Mike and El, Will and all his friends. So many tearful goodbyes. We'll probably see them again in all likelihood next season, but it was still a sad way to end the show.

      The American

      But wait?!?! The Russians have an American in their custody? It has to be Hopper, doesn't it? Which other American could it be?? But how did he survive? Also, why are the Russians keeping a pet demogorgon? Are they planning on weaponising it?

      The finale sets up the next season intriguingly, but who knows when that will come. In addition to the Russians, we must also wonder what's going to happen to El's powers. By the end of the episode which took place three months later, she still hasn't recovered her powers yet. Will she ever get them back? Who knows. And what about the Mind Flayer? Will he return? Presumably he will, but how? The Russians will probably have something to do with it. And what will bring the Bryers and El back to Hawkins? They're definitely coming back, and probably something huge will force them to return, but what? So many questions!

      Thus ends my episode by episode recap of Stranger Things 3. Hope you guys enjoyed it. I think I still have one more post left in me, where I want to share my favourite things about the season, and maybe a few things I didn't really like. But that will probably come in a few days. I think I've posted enough Stranger Things for now. In the mean time, let me know what you guys thought of the episodes!

    • I've spoken a bit about the amazing cinematography recently, so I'd just like to share some of my favourite shots from this episode.

      One of them was midway through Hopper and Russian terminator's battle in the Russian bunker. This shot was awesome. Reminds me a little of that Civil War shot between Captain America and Iron Man.

    • I love this recap!

      I actually had a few things I was confused about from the finale (*again, take this with a grain of salt - I might re-watch the episode when it's not 2 AM in the morning and get a different takeaway that time)!

      The leg-creature removed from El - shouldn't they have had to set it on fire to kill it? The Mind-Flayer seems exceptionally resilient in some scenes, but then squishable in others. In the previous episode or two when El mentally ripped the giant Mind-Flayer's "head" in half, it seemed to knit back up in just a few minutes... so being stepped on by Hopper shouldn't have been that bad, I'd assume it would bounce back and be squishing right along being evil right after. I feel like fire (which seems to be the only thing that the Mind-Flayer / Upside Down creatures don't like, besides El and heat) wasn't used enough to deter them - I'd have been waving flaming sticks around like Indiana Jones.

      Murray's frustration at the Bald Eagle nickname and walkie-talkie protocols from Dustin made me laugh out loud.

      I personally thought the Suzie / Dustin exchange was so tonally jarring from the rest of the episode that it threw me for a loop? But maybe I'll find it more enchanting upon rewatching. They had nice voices, but this is like, a crisis situation! I was empathizing with Murray.

      I refuse to accept that Hopper is dead! Nooooo! But I'm thinking that the prisoner might be Murray.

      I really enjoyed Robin's character throughout this season, and it warms your heart to read how proud her dad is of her.

      Having worked at a video store myself (albeit a chain) in high school, I loved those final touches and how Robin's trying to help Steve get a job at the video store.

      2 final things: one is that Microsoft is putting together a Camp Know Where STRANGER THINGS activity at various stores for kids, and I think that's a super-cute idea.

      And secondly - did the Demagorgon in Russia look different than the previous seasons? More pale and elongated? Or was it just me? I'm wondering if there's been a different dimension unlocked...

    • I personally thought the Suzie / Dustin exchange was so tonally jarring from the rest of the episode that it threw me for a loop? But maybe I'll find it more enchanting upon rewatching. They had nice voices, but this is like, a crisis situation! I was empathizing with Murray.

      It was very out of place considering the urgency of the situation, but I still thought it was hilarious. Considering how good the show is, I think it deserves a pass.

      I refuse to accept that Hopper is dead! Nooooo! But I'm thinking that the prisoner might be Murray.

      I guess it could technically be Murray, since he is American, but I think we're all hoping it's Hopper, as unlikely that may be.

      Actually if you watch this behind the scenes video with the kids, some eagle eyed viewers saw a drawing of what looks like Hopper in a prison outfit, so some people are holding on to the hop that he may still be alive.

      And secondly - did the Demagorgon in Russia look different than the previous seasons? More pale and elongated? Or was it just me? I'm wondering if there's been a different dimension unlocked...

      Yup it did look different. It looked more smooth and leathery, also was it me or was it like blueish-green in colour, while the demogorgon in season one was more like brown, right?

    • I've finally finished watching season 3 as well. What a ride!

      Most of it has already been mentioned, so I'm not going to unnecessarily babble on about it. I agree with most of you about the weird "Neverending Story" sing-along in the middle of a very tense and pivotal moment, though. What was that about, and why?

      Also, about the ending: I think "the American" is obviously meant to be Hopper. It still can turn out to be a red herring, especially if Hoppers' actor turns out to be too busy in the future, but I guess their plan is to have Hopper in place near the other location connected to the Upside Down, to start season 4 from there.

      Speaking of which, is anyone interested in speculating about season 4 already?

      We've established ( that season 3 takes place in July 1985, and a three-month jump at the end of the season takes us to fall of that year. Add some more time, and I expect season 4 to take place in 1986. Considering that all three seasons so far had some connection to a different holiday season and to some extent season of the year (Christmas/Winter, Halloween/Fall, 4th of July/Summer), I wouldn't be surprised if season 4 did the same and be set around Easter/Spring.

      Easter 1986 happened at the end of March - and from there, it's only four more weeks to one very defining moment of that year. With Hopper and some Demogorgons in a prison in Kamtschatka, I fully expect Hopper to be shuffled around the USSR for the season (revisiting those 1980s action/buddy movies set in the USSR), ending up in a military facility / secret lab near Pripyat, current-day Ukraine from where he is rescued back to the US by El's regained powers. Of course, this event will wreak havoc and cause the destruction of the Soviet facility on April 26, 1986, which will be covered up as a nuclear accident:

    • Just read it. I don't think it is Billy though. Since when can the mindflayer produce physical clones? What's more plausible is that the "Billy" from the upside down was just the mindflayer manifesting in Billy's appearance. Fan theories are always interesting, but I never really take them seriously.