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    • I personally thought the Suzie / Dustin exchange was so tonally jarring from the rest of the episode that it threw me for a loop? But maybe I'll find it more enchanting upon rewatching. They had nice voices, but this is like, a crisis situation! I was empathizing with Murray.

      It was very out of place considering the urgency of the situation, but I still thought it was hilarious. Considering how good the show is, I think it deserves a pass.

      I refuse to accept that Hopper is dead! Nooooo! But I'm thinking that the prisoner might be Murray.

      I guess it could technically be Murray, since he is American, but I think we're all hoping it's Hopper, as unlikely that may be.

      Actually if you watch this behind the scenes video with the kids, some eagle eyed viewers saw a drawing of what looks like Hopper in a prison outfit, so some people are holding on to the hop that he may still be alive.

      And secondly - did the Demagorgon in Russia look different than the previous seasons? More pale and elongated? Or was it just me? I'm wondering if there's been a different dimension unlocked...

      Yup it did look different. It looked more smooth and leathery, also was it me or was it like blueish-green in colour, while the demogorgon in season one was more like brown, right?