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    • I personally thought the Suzie / Dustin exchange was so tonally jarring from the rest of the episode that it threw me for a loop? But maybe I'll find it more enchanting upon rewatching. They had nice voices, but this is like, a crisis situation! I was empathizing with Murray.

      It was very out of place considering the urgency of the situation, but I still thought it was hilarious. Considering how good the show is, I think it deserves a pass.

      I refuse to accept that Hopper is dead! Nooooo! But I'm thinking that the prisoner might be Murray.

      I guess it could technically be Murray, since he is American, but I think we're all hoping it's Hopper, as unlikely that may be.

      Actually if you watch this behind the scenes video with the kids, some eagle eyed viewers saw a drawing of what looks like Hopper in a prison outfit, so some people are holding on to the hop that he may still be alive.

      And secondly - did the Demagorgon in Russia look different than the previous seasons? More pale and elongated? Or was it just me? I'm wondering if there's been a different dimension unlocked...

      Yup it did look different. It looked more smooth and leathery, also was it me or was it like blueish-green in colour, while the demogorgon in season one was more like brown, right?

    • I've finally finished watching season 3 as well. What a ride!

      Most of it has already been mentioned, so I'm not going to unnecessarily babble on about it. I agree with most of you about the weird "Neverending Story" sing-along in the middle of a very tense and pivotal moment, though. What was that about, and why?

      Also, about the ending: I think "the American" is obviously meant to be Hopper. It still can turn out to be a red herring, especially if Hoppers' actor turns out to be too busy in the future, but I guess their plan is to have Hopper in place near the other location connected to the Upside Down, to start season 4 from there.

      Speaking of which, is anyone interested in speculating about season 4 already?

      We've established ( that season 3 takes place in July 1985, and a three-month jump at the end of the season takes us to fall of that year. Add some more time, and I expect season 4 to take place in 1986. Considering that all three seasons so far had some connection to a different holiday season and to some extent season of the year (Christmas/Winter, Halloween/Fall, 4th of July/Summer), I wouldn't be surprised if season 4 did the same and be set around Easter/Spring.

      Easter 1986 happened at the end of March - and from there, it's only four more weeks to one very defining moment of that year. With Hopper and some Demogorgons in a prison in Kamtschatka, I fully expect Hopper to be shuffled around the USSR for the season (revisiting those 1980s action/buddy movies set in the USSR), ending up in a military facility / secret lab near Pripyat, current-day Ukraine from where he is rescued back to the US by El's regained powers. Of course, this event will wreak havoc and cause the destruction of the Soviet facility on April 26, 1986, which will be covered up as a nuclear accident:

    • Just read it. I don't think it is Billy though. Since when can the mindflayer produce physical clones? What's more plausible is that the "Billy" from the upside down was just the mindflayer manifesting in Billy's appearance. Fan theories are always interesting, but I never really take them seriously.