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    • Synaxia was essentially in stealth mode while they built their product. If it did what it was supposed to, it could have upended EMC and NetApp the way Cisco had decimated Nortel and 3Com. Being quiet bought them time to build.

      I had one hop in between BlueArc (formerly Synaxia Networks) and Google. I had been blogging and advising small startups pretty regularly from 2006 to 2009, when I left BlueArc and cofounded my own consulting firm -- Paladin Advisors Group. We focused on Marketing, PR and social for big companies and small ones.

      For one of them, my6sense, I was their acting Vice President of Marketing, and we met with all the big players regularly, including Google. It was through those relationships (and my continued blogging) that got me really close to Google. Maybe I'll share the story sometime about exactly how all that went down, if I can.