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    • Model Valicia, aka Lisi, gathered her wardrobe and props to come up with a unique outfit, Texas style catalog shoot.

      Her dress is made by the Texas +Magnolia Pearl,  an eclectic clothing artist. (  Lisi also appears in a Magnolia Peal commercial titled "Serenade of the Winged Victrola"   See -

      The above image was taken with 7 strobes - 2 large diffused umbrellas, front, left/right; 2 strip boxes left/right slightly behind and shooting toward model's back and side; 2 bare bulb strobes left/right pointing back to seamless paper background and flagged with black cine foil; 1 small overhead softbox on boom for hair light.  The background and overhead lights were set at about a 7/10th  stop brighter than the main two front lights.  The strip boxes were set about 1 stop of light less than the front lights.

      In taking this image, things other than the background (strobe and lighting equipment) appeared in the image so, Lisi was extracted and placed onto a white background.

      Basic tweaking was done and a separate layer was created to add a subtle shadow along the bottom edge of the pillow, dress and boots. A Gaussian blur was applied to shadow.  Because the image was evenly lighted originally, the shadow was made very faint.

      Processing was done in Lightroom and Photoshop.


      Model/Wardrobe:  Lisi Faye
      Dress Designer: +Magnolia Pearl
      Makeup/Hair:  +priscila bustos
      Studio Owner/Photographer's Assistant:  Monica Smith
      +Juju Smith / +jujufotofactory
      Photographer:  Paul Johnston

      #catalog   #fashion   #model   #modelshoot   #MagnoliaPearl   #glamour   #wanderer

    • Wow, Paul, 7 strobes... That's like an Annie Leibovitz production. Welcome to Cake. 😁

      When I saw 7 strobes I had to look into Magnolia Pearl and find out who they are. Especially because we have girls who would love to dress like that. I see that the photography on their site is uniformly awesome. Did you shoot any of these?

    • Chris, the shop looks like it has a Rachel Ashwell shabby chic feel. love it.

      @Paul How you got the image goes way over my head but interesting none the least, I love the image and the Boho chic achieved in the outfit. Nice work.

    • Hello Chris! Yes, I sure could have used Annie on that shoot! Thanks for the welcome.

      Magnolia Pearl, Robin Brown, is a very creative artist using vintage fabrics, lace and linen. I agree the photography on the website has a very beautiful consistent look that promotes the brand. I would love to claim the photography work but it was done by another talented photographer.

      The model Lisi Faye, whom I have worked with over the years, had worked as a model for Magnolia Pearl a number of years ago on a promotional shoot.. As part of her pay package for the photo shoot, she was given some Magnolia Pearl creations which she used on our photo shoot. Lisi always puts 100% effort into her work so making her "look good" was easy to do.

      Bet your daughters look great in this fashion style! ;-)

    • Thanks Julianne! I love the look too! The nice image credit goes to the talented team whose good work put this excellent creation together!