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    • After doing a lot of research and comparison between trainers I personally settled on Tacx Neo Smart Trainer. If you live in an appartment and you're worried about the noise then Direct Drive trainer is your best option. By removing the back wheel of the bike and attaching the trainer directly you'll eliminate a lot of noise and heat being generated. The article from DC Rainmaker Annual Winter 2017-2018 Bike Trainer Recommendations is a great starting point in making your decision.

    • If you are lower budget, I have had my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine for a few years and it is indestructible. Really easy to swap bikes in and out as well, since it is a wheel on quick release, which sounds like it might meet your criteria. I still think it is the best in class non-smart trainer.

    • I bought an elite turbo munn smart b+ this morning. It's paired with zwift on an apple tv and I like it so far.

      Just have to do the hard work now and put in the miles :)

    • That is great setup, @Shay! Zwift on Apple TV is going to make working out a lot more fun and engaging. I would recommend setting up a fan with a remote control since it will make the workout a lot more enjoyable.

      Something to consider is that indoor miles are a lot harder and higher quality than outdoor miles in terms of effort and results. By that I mean 10 miles outdoors is a lot easier that 10 miles indoors and you'll get a much better workout. It is the boring mental part that makes it so hard. Anyway that you can distract yourself by watching movies, games, TV or whatever will make it much more likely that you'll stick with it.

    • I second Vilen's suggestions to check DCrainmaker's online reviews. DCrainmaker is known in the triathlon and cycling communities to have the most comprehensive reviews around.

      If you're looking for a really cheap option then you can probably find a good used trainer on a site like Craig's list or Kijiji for a steal because of the new push to use smart trainers.

    • Our price range is a bit smaller than the nice ones would allow, but a friend is giving us his Cycleops trainer in exchange for crock pot recipes! Which is an amazing deal for us 😜

    • I too chose the Tacx Neo Smart trainer after many months of reading about every mid and high end trainer on the market. I primarily chose it because it was very quiet and allowed some bike movement. I also liked that it allowed very high wattage efforts, could simulate very steep hills and would require almost no maintenance. After 15,000 virtual kilometers (that's about 500+hours of using the trainer) I finally decided to take the cassette off and then remove the hub to clean and grease the bearing and shim. It was a very easy service and while it was showing a bit of wear I simply did the service and put it back together again without changing any parts (this would be a very cheap part to replace if I had to). Never have I had an issue with the trainer since I got it about two years ago. Try to imagine how much use that is for a trainer to have over 500 hours on it and all of that problem free and so quiet that I have often ridden my bike on the trainer in the middle of the night without distrubing anyone in the house.