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    • Our current cars and setup:

      - Wife drives a 2011 Equinox. She drives 5 miles back and forth to work every day plus maybe a few extra miles here and there. Nights and weekends we drive this as well. In the last year we've spent $856 on fuel and $519 on expenses. Monthly avg distance is 711 miles.

      - Mine is a 2006 Pontiac G6. I work from home, so I barely drive this. In the last year we've spent $175.41 on fuel and $96 on expenses. Monthly avg distance is 127 miles.

      Our plan was to sell the G6 and get an EV. My wife would make this her daily driver and that will lengthen the lifespan of the Equinox. All along saving a ton on fuel and maintenance costs. The only time I can see us driving the Equinox going forward would be bad Winter weather, me driving it during the day once and a while, or long trips (especially when needing the extra storage space).

      I understand I have to look at this that the upfront costs are going to be greater, but looking at the long term of 5-6 years or longer that we'd be owning it and all the cost savings. Not only that but for the environment which is probably the most important reason we are considering an EV now.

      It's hard to think about having another car payment or lease payment when we haven't had anything for years.

    • There was an interesting blurb on the Internet that Uber drivers are getting screwed and the math was pretty simple. The IRS allows you to claim $.58 per mile for gas, maintenance and repairs from using your personal vehicle for business. Uber drivers get $5.00 for a 10 mile ride. So they lose $.80 per trip.

      I would be cautious on making financial decisions based on what RoboTaxi offers to pay in the beginning: with normal supply and demand models, rates should go down as more cars join the program.

    • Hmm, how about a subscription to Rivian?

      In addition to direct sales, Rivian could also offer a subscription service that lets customers rotate to different vehicles.

      “You may use one solution to get to and from the office during the week. But on the weekend, you may want a subscription program,” Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe said, as reported by Automotive News.

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