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    • Allow me a little rant and we'll see how it goes.

      I love my Fuji x-t10, it has that neat kit lens 18-55 and I also use Rokinon/Samyang 16 1.4, fantastic lens for mountaineering. But here's the thing - before I went Fuji I was invested in Nikon dslr system and there is one major difference - prices of prime lenses. How come that them Fujinons are so damn pricey even compared to full frame Nikkor primes? I understand that this is a new mount but come on, I really need some AF lens expansion but most of those bloody things cost more than my body + kit brand new years ago. Are there any reasonable third party lenses for x mount yet? Rokinon/Samyang are great but manual focus is least to say a bit clunky on mirrorless cameras and they are massive and heavy. I need a nice and wide pancake lens and something around 80mm that can focus closer than a few meters and isn't very dim either. Mind you that I hail from Eastern Europe so I might be overreacting but two monthly salaries for a proper lens is a bit much considering that this isn't a full frame format.

      I wonder who will read this, still learning how to cake.

    • I wonder who will read this, still learning how to cake.

      Me, hello! 👋🏻

      There are some third party lenses, like Samyang, that are not bad. I don't know if there are any with autofocus though. I do have a Samyang 8mm fisheye, which I like. Of that there is no Fuji equivalent, though.

      Fuji lenses are not cheap, but I think they are worth their money. All the copies that I've had have been outstanding. I'm happy to compare them to the top lines of Canon and Nikon lenses. I consider the Fuji camera (X-T2) and lenses that I have to be a 'pro' system and that comes with a pro price. Fuji doesn't seem to be offering a 'budget' line of lenses, like most Canon and Nikon do. So for autofocus, I'm afraid you are stuck with Fuji.

      (Not sure what prices are doing east of me, but for you to compare in West-Europe a 23f2 is going for around €400-500 new. Not sure if that is similar where you are. Also, the average income of where you are may make that relatively expensive of course.)

    • I have to agree with ivar - I've been very happy with Fuji lenses for my X-T2. I tried one non-Fuji lens and returned it. Picked up the 80mm macro as soon as it was released late last year, what a sweet lens! (Yes, it was pricey, but I use it enough for it to be a good purchase for me.)

      I see that both Samyang and Rokinon make lenses for Fuji x-mount. I don't know the quality but I wonder if they are worth a look.