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    • He was such a talented and versatile actor. Even though I love so many of his performances, I'd have to say my favorite was as Dr. Lazarus in GALAXY QUEST.

    • I've heard many a great things about what a class act Alan Rickman was. For instance, anytime he'd go out for dinner with friends, he'd insist on getting the check and when someone would protest, his response would be, 'Harry Potter.'

      While he was best known for being Hans Gruber in Die Hard, I grew up knowing him best as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

      I remember his villainous roles best, like his turn as the heavy in Quigley Down Under (which is gem of a Western, should you be looking for a great little film). He always imbued such gravitas to all of his roles and time spent exploring more of his filmography would be time well spent.

    • I LOVED Galaxy Quest! It was such a fun movie that has only recently started recieving it's due, it seems. And arguably the most Alan Rickman role ever: the lovable, uptight crank.

    • That is true of probably every role he took, he made it all look so effortless. Maybe I will one day watch the Harry Potter movies just because of him.