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    • This is stark, deeply stark, but hopeful.

      Even when he is discussing the potential end of cities and societies within a generation, listening to David speak is just so compelling and wonderful.

      I can only hope that the leaders he is addressing listen as well and put as much value on his words as I do.

    • Sorry! I made the link expand for you, I hope you don't mind.

      I was about to post the same talk! I found it incredibly moving and love the guy. There was another version, shorter, with editing and I loved that too but the downvotes... The awful comments... Soul-destroying. You would think he's asking us to make terrible sacrifices like wearing a mask during a pandemic, or to risk our lives and those of our children by getting a Covid vaccine. What an awful man, they said.

    • Thanks for fixing the link @Chris , I meant to circle back and do it when I was at home, but you were way ahead of me!

      I try not to read the comments on things like this, because there are always going to be plenty of the very worst kind of people who were never going to agree with anything he says, but watched it anyway, just so they could be a troll about it afterwards. I used to bite and spent way too much time creating sensible and factual replies, but really it's just a waste of time, if someone is convincible then they aren't posting replies like the ones you are talking about.

      David Attenborough is one of my favourite people on the planet and I place a lot of faith in pretty much anything that comes out of his mouth.

    • He's right. Climate change is an issue that should unite all of us. Climate doesn't care if you vote Republican or Democrat. Conservative or Liberal.

      We must take action or our future will be screwed.

    • > Climate doesn't care if you vote Republican or Democrat. Conservative or Liberal.


      Your political or religious beliefs, sexuality, gender, skin colour, and socio-economic status are all totally irrelevant. If you live on this planet you share the same fate and the same responsibility.

      Tiny baby step changes just aren't going to cut it at this point, we need to be willing to make real changes at governmental, corporate, and individual levels.

      The encouraging thing is that, if nothing else, people at starting to take more interest and pay more attention I think.

      We started a climate change, environment, and sustainability news site and discussion forum a few weeks ago and the amount of visitors is higher the an I expected. Not many people are rushing to join the forum but the ones that have actually have something to say.

      ⬆️ and if anyone is interested.