I came across a column that made me think about saving women's (many of them mothers) lives.

Today, as an average day, 830 women around the world will die from pregnancy or childbirth.

An American woman is twice as like to die from those as a woman in Canada. A black American woman is more like to die from pregnancy than a Mexican woman.

"Cervical cancer doesn’t get as much attention as maternal mortality or abortion policy, but it’s an excruciating way to die, and it is now believed to kill more women each year (about 311,000) than pregnancy and childbirth (about 303,000). Almost all those cervical cancer deaths are avoidable with an HPV vaccination, a Pap test or even a simple “vinegar test” screening followed if necessary by immediate treatment by a nurse."

I was curious about the "vinegar test" so I checked it out.

"Cervical cancer can usually be prevented with vaccination or an approach that begins with an inexpensive screening used in poor countries called the “vinegar test.” A nurse dabs vinegar on the cervix, and any precancerous lesion turns white. For treatment, a nurse freezes the lesion off with what looks like a plastic gun — and the woman’s life is saved for a total cost of about $3."

Wow. Save a woman's life for $3. But current political policies are cutting funding for groups who do that worldwide. So sad.