Hey Chris, If you would rather not receive feedback such as this or you have a better person in mind to handle this just let me know. Just a huge fan of your platform and thought I might share a few thoughts on the interface as I continue to use the tool. Are you guys planning on adding the ability to save comments under the bookmarking feature (the star). For instance adding Save under the share button below could inspire the user to re-engage with content as they work through a busy day. I could see how this could possibly turn into noise but if you added a date feature in the stream of saves it might relieve some of the noise (Or even a custom tag). Possibly a coding nightmare, not sure. But I do love the direct link created in the share portion of this. (I email the link for bookmarking currently) Overall I don't see anyone else with your same dynamic. I really do feel you have something here to inpsire users to dig deeper for understanding.