Major League Baseball will begin their season next week. It will be a 60 game sprint of a season with teams facing off against teams that are in the same region irrespective of American/National League. For example, the Giants and A's will face off multiple times even though the are in opposite leagues. This is to reduce travel and the spread of the virus.

I've always felt MLB plays too many games (162) and that they would benefit from a shortened season. I think 100 games would be perfect. The NBA saw a very entertaining season in the lockout year a few years back when they played 66 games instead of 82. Each game matters more when there are fewer games being played. It makes for a more exciting season in my opinion.

Sports fans, what are your thoughts? Is a shortened baseball season more interesting? Would you like to see shortened seasons in the future or is there a certain charm to 162 games that you can't live without?