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    • Neal Stephenson's latest book, "Fall, or Dodge in Hell" was released on June 4.

      This is a chronicle of what happens after Richard - aka Dodge ( from "Reamde" ) dies and is interred in a web based computer, followed by a road trip of his descendants through Ameristan - complete with a "nuking" of MOAB - just a few of the interesting scenarios he has devised for his readers again.

      Anyone here reading this book, or thinking of reading it? He always has some interesting things for his readers to contemplate - I suspect it is better if you have read "Reamde" first. as Dodge kind of merges into Egdod as the book progresses, and a modicum of understanding of the creation of T'Rain helps as well.

    • Currently on page 718/1128 (ebook).

      Gonna reserve judgment until the end, but so far I have mixed feelings. I'll check back when I'm done.

    • Me too, I liked the initial story line as a continuance of Reamde, but the dialogue and story line in the computer based after life pat is less than enthralling for me too - I am on page 633 of 888 on my Kindle version. I keep reading, hoping it will surprise me, but I am having doubts too

      I am a hard Sci-fi fan, and not really into Science fantasy stuff.... so that's my bias.

    • Haven't read it yet but I expect to. Stephenson is a reliable author for me (the Baroque Cycle excepted), but -- as you probably know -- each of his book's requires a commitment.

      Thanks for your capsule summary of initial reactions!

    • ....aaaand done. All in all, I'd give it 3/5. It comes with the usual fireworks of ideas you expect from Stephenson, but I could totally do without the tacked-on fantasy novel. I would much rather spend a lot more time on the Ameristan (yeah, that word is going into vocabulary), the whole Moab conspiracy, or the 'real' world during what was going on in Bitworld.

      <spoiler> Also, I'm having a hard time believing they would construct Bitwrold without building the capability of interaction with the real world. No, they wouldn't do that.</spoiler>

      If you're looking for a Stephenson doorstop to chew on, I'd much rather recommend Seveneves.

      And now I'm in holding pattern, waiting for William Gibson's Agency to drop. Come already, January 2020!

    • And now I'm in holding pattern, waiting for William Gibson's Agency to drop. Come already, January 2020!

      See, I knew you were a Gibson fan—and this was a random find from trolling through the Science Fiction archives today.