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    • Geek2Nurse

      Any other Glowforge owners on Cake? I’m having withdrawals, as I’m currently away from my shiny new toy, and am looking for some vicarious enjoyment. Tell me what you’re making!

    • itsfreshmade

      Sadly I'm awaiting a replacement from an initial shipment that arrived wet. They've been super quick so Friday should be golden!

    • Geek2Nurse

      Seems like there’s been a lot of breakage in shipment; that’s frustrating, especially if you’ve already been waiting more than 2years! Fingers crossed for you!

    • Geek2Nurse

      I’m back home and lasering stuff again! This is a prototype of some earrings for my DIL. 😊

    • Geek2Nurse

      My brother Tim designed this awesome “ancillary mode” escutcheon for his Glowforge. It rotates using planetary gears so you can choose the “mode” that fits whatever you’re working on, and when the button is lit it edge-lights the engraved portions of the acrylic section.

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