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    • I'm trying to get in touch with a member here, but privately, with a view to doing an interview. The forums I'm used to, have Private Messages or Conversations. Is there something similar on Cake and I can't find it? Or does it not exist, by design?

    • Cake doesn't have a private messaging feature yet. Sorry!

      We've discussed adding one and we do have some ideas, but there's lots of other stuff that's taken priority so far.

      Private conversations between multiple people (as opposed to private messages between individuals) are a feature that actually existed in an early iteration of Cake, but we removed them because we felt there was too much potential for abuse and misuse. Facebook has been having a lot of trouble with this recently.

    • Can you elaborate? Not that I doubt you, it would just be interesting to know. I notice that Instagram didn't intro private messaging for more than 3 years after they launched.

    • Not to come off as a curmudgeon, but what I like about CAKE is that it's Mission Statement is about discussion. I am not a huge cocktail party guy, but, the best parties I have gone to is where I can strike up random, interesting conversations with strangers about a wide variety of topics. At the end of the conversation there would be a mutual respect of shared or not shared ideals and mostly not even a handshake. On to the next conversation. Social media is such a broad landscape where EVERYONE seems to anchor everything in "friendship". I am not looking for any more "friends"; in fact, the older I get, I try and spend my precious time with fewer friends. Not necessarily clones of myself but people I either respect, like or both.

      I believe that by NOT having a PM feature, it sort of compells people to basically put their best foot forward and also it disallows any backroom politicking. i.e. "hey George...did you see what Chris implemented on CAKE? WTH was he thinking?" In web terms WYSIWYG.

      If at some point you are compelled to add a PM feature, that will not make me pick up my back of toys and leave, but, I just appreciate this is the only "forum" I have ever been a part of that does not have that feature. AND, I LIKE THAT.

      In any other forums I turn off all PM features as applicable. ADV is the ONLY forum I allow PM's. There are some crazy cats on ADV, but, something so unique about that culture that having a PM option was important.

    • I am not a huge cocktail party guy, but, the best parties I have gone to is where I can strike up random, interesting conversations with strangers about a wide variety of topics.

      There is a social dynamic I’ve noticed where the longer you know someone the narrower your conversation range becomes. It often takes a stranger into a group of regulars for the conversation to broaden.

      The back channel in forums can create a toxic environment that inhibits new conversations. It also creates another layer of moderation required to deal with harrassment.

      If I want to talk privately with someone, I can tell them to DM me on Twitter. There is a risk to Cake that I will then spend an hour reading tweets instead of immediately returning to Cake.

      It’s an interesting optimization problem over the value of private messaging.

      If I want to host a panel on “How to make Maths fun,” I can DM invites to the mathematicians I know on Twitter, but how do I ask a mechanical engineer or a geophysicist on Cake if they’d like to join the panel?

      Seriously, is there a protocol for doing this?

      I can see advantages if there was a method on Cake for privately requesting panelists as well as privately receiving their yes or no responses.

    • I can see advantages if there was a method on Cake for privately requesting panelists as well as privately receiving their yes or no responses.

      If I understand you correctly, I think panels already work this way?

      When you start a panel, you can invite anyone you want to join the panel. If you enter an email address instead of the username of a Cake user, we'll send an email invitation to that person. If they're not already on Cake, they can sign up.

      Everyone invited to participate in a panel has the opportunity to either accept or decline the invitation. People who accept become visible to everyone as a panelist. Only the creator of the panel can see who declined.

    • Okay, that’s awesome to know. Thank you for the clarification. I wanted to ask first and avoid messing things up.

      So at the risk of stating the obvious, the process for starting a panel is

      Press the + key

      Select Panel

      Select invitees

      Invitees RSVP

      Create panel conversation at the date and time in the RSVP

      Panel conversation occurs


    • Almost.

      The panel will be created and invites are sent as soon as you publish the conversation. There's no RSVP waiting period or scheduled date and time. The panel conversation is instantly live and panelists can accept (or decline) and start posting in it at their leisure.

    • We're looking to hire someone(s) to help us kickstart panels because I swear they have enormous potential.

      That is awesome news!

      I am hosting my panel on Saturday on the topic of “How do you make maths fun?”

      Question: How do I make sure that this is an amazingly positive experience for the panelists?

      I’ve gotten a few yeses already from my panelists. Although I wrote a small book on using online math games with students on the spectrum, my panelists are heavy hitters who have appeared in major news publications and at national conferences, who are successful authors and game inventors, and who are genuinely amazing people who I want to do right by them with the panel.

      They are also reading this thread so any suggestions you can provide for me or for them is much appreciated.

    • That's SO GREAT! In my experience, there are a few practical issues:

      1. The word panel conjures being in front of a camera with a live feed of video. A few of our panelists were initially thrown by the idea of panels being like this post — text with optional embeds like photos, links and YouTube videos.

      2. When panelists follow the link to arrive on the panel, if they are logged into Cake, there should be a blue bar at the bottom of the page. A few people have overlooked that bar:

      3. The 50,000' view is the internet is the only venue on earth where there is an expectation that anyone can join the conversation. It's very powerful for giving voice to movements like MeToo. The trouble is it can also give voice to Nazis, trolls,& noise.

      In the physical world we've had amazing success with panels for centuries because the expectation of the audience is we all benefit by letting the panel speak. It's how millions of us hear from amazing people and get great signal in a noisy world.

      Cake panels remove the requirement of having cameras, a sound system, a stage, an auditorium or to be in the same place at the same time. They are public for anyone to read by simply sharing a link, and they're discoverable by searching Google.. The audience is unlimited.

      They can also extend over time. Perhaps a group of climbers will let us follow their expeditions on Cake panels one day.

      Good luck! I can't wait to see this panel. I read The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida and loved it.

    • I linked this conversation via email to someone who is joining us and she replied:

      You should say you're on boarding someone soon to help with panels!
      (I'm excited!)

    • @yaypie I want to stay out of the doghouse by not assigning the wrong topics to Saturday’s panel on “How do you make maths fun?

      What do you think of these five:

      Cake. I’m assuming that followers of this topic would like to be informed of new panels.



      Problem Solving

      Entertainment. We used entertainment on a previous conversation about recreational maths and magic.

    • I would remove the "Cake" topic.

      The "Cake" topic is for conversations about Cake, not just conversations that are on Cake (that would be every conversation! 😄). So unless your panel is specifically discussing Cake, it's not a relevant topic.

      People who are interested in seeing conversations (including panels) about math or education are more likely to follow the "mathematics" and "education" topics than the "Cake" topic.

    • To add to what @Chris said. Here is a diagram of the steps that the people you are inviting to the panel need to go through:

      1. Get an email with an invitation.

      2. View the panel conversation. Click the button in the email to see the panel and accept the invitation if they choose.

      3. Start posting.

    • Thanks for chiming in to help make my panel an amazing experience for everyone!

      Everyone on the panel is actually signing up for Cake so I will be entering their Cake handles into the invite list, not their email address. (I will be DMed their handles by Friday evening.)

      When they log into Cake on Saturday at the TBD start time, will they get a pop up to join the panel? (The how to pictures that your team have been sharing are EXTREMELY helpful, thank you 🙏.)

    • Vilen Rodeski

      As soon as you publish the panel conversation with your first post, the email will be sent out to everyone you’ve included as a panelist. From the email they’ll be able to join anytime.

    • Okay now I’ve got it, thank you! I’ll send out reminders on Friday to be on the lookout for the panel join emails.

      A lot of thought was clearly put into making this a great vehicle for fascinating conversations.


    • Thanks again for all your help in setting up our panel. Drew was hoping it brought in some new maths enthusiasts to Cake!

      😁 0 = 😡

      🐴✖️✔️-1 = 🦄

      🎅✖️🦄 = -1 ✖️🐴

    • It was an incredible panel. I have friends and family commenting on it. I will tweet it out tomorrow. Thanks so much!

    • it was a wonderful experience, I don’t think I’ve finished reading everything yet.

      I’m completely new to cake and it’s panels but found it brilliant.

      Sharing videos worked particularly well.

      Thank you 😊

    You've been invited!