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    • That's SO GREAT! In my experience, there are a few practical issues:

      1. The word panel conjures being in front of a camera with a live feed of video. A few of our panelists were initially thrown by the idea of panels being like this post — text with optional embeds like photos, links and YouTube videos.

      2. When panelists follow the link to arrive on the panel, if they are logged into Cake, there should be a blue bar at the bottom of the page. A few people have overlooked that bar:

      3. The 50,000' view is the internet is the only venue on earth where there is an expectation that anyone can join the conversation. It's very powerful for giving voice to movements like MeToo. The trouble is it can also give voice to Nazis, trolls,& noise.

      In the physical world we've had amazing success with panels for centuries because the expectation of the audience is we all benefit by letting the panel speak. It's how millions of us hear from amazing people and get great signal in a noisy world.

      Cake panels remove the requirement of having cameras, a sound system, a stage, an auditorium or to be in the same place at the same time. They are public for anyone to read by simply sharing a link, and they're discoverable by searching Google.. The audience is unlimited.

      They can also extend over time. Perhaps a group of climbers will let us follow their expeditions on Cake panels one day.

      Good luck! I can't wait to see this panel. I read The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida and loved it.

    • @yaypie I want to stay out of the doghouse by not assigning the wrong topics to Saturday’s panel on “How do you make maths fun?

      What do you think of these five:

      Cake. I’m assuming that followers of this topic would like to be informed of new panels.



      Problem Solving

      Entertainment. We used entertainment on a previous conversation about recreational maths and magic.