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    • To add to what @Chris said. Here is a diagram of the steps that the people you are inviting to the panel need to go through:

      1. Get an email with an invitation.

      2. View the panel conversation. Click the button in the email to see the panel and accept the invitation if they choose.

      3. Start posting.

    • Thanks for chiming in to help make my panel an amazing experience for everyone!

      Everyone on the panel is actually signing up for Cake so I will be entering their Cake handles into the invite list, not their email address. (I will be DMed their handles by Friday evening.)

      When they log into Cake on Saturday at the TBD start time, will they get a pop up to join the panel? (The how to pictures that your team have been sharing are EXTREMELY helpful, thank you 🙏.)

    • As soon as you publish the panel conversation with your first post, the email will be sent out to everyone you’ve included as a panelist. From the email they’ll be able to join anytime.

    • Okay now I’ve got it, thank you! I’ll send out reminders on Friday to be on the lookout for the panel join emails.

      A lot of thought was clearly put into making this a great vehicle for fascinating conversations.


    • Thanks again for all your help in setting up our panel. Drew was hoping it brought in some new maths enthusiasts to Cake!

      😁 0 = 😡

      🐴✖️✔️-1 = 🦄

      🎅✖️🦄 = -1 ✖️🐴

    • it was a wonderful experience, I don’t think I’ve finished reading everything yet.

      I’m completely new to cake and it’s panels but found it brilliant.

      Sharing videos worked particularly well.

      Thank you 😊