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    • This week's episode 6 official synopsis:

      While Myfanwy returns to her childhood home, Farrier faces consequences at the Checquy and Monica copes with the discovery that she was betrayed by Marcus.

      In case you missed last week's episode 5 discussion, you can see it below:

      The show begins with Myfanwy’s apartment being searched by hazmat-suited government employees, while Myfanwy is being interrogated by Grantchester. As a member of a secret agency, she has to confess - but she can’t confess all that much, as her memory has been wiped.

      We then cut to a scene of Gestalt pursuing a signal from Monica’s cell phone: they find it in a trash can, disposed. Cut to Monica wandering the streets, dazed and with the world’s worst case of Tinnitus thanks to Farrier’s powers in the previous episode.

      Cutting to Jennifer’s home: she’s discussing the potential upcoming election and the results with her distracted husband. She sees a news report of an unexplained explosion in Greenwich - the explosion being Farrier’s outburst in the park. And then Farrier shows up to visit her, in-person.

      Myfanwy’s being asked more questions by Grantchester: how long has she been with the Chequy? Where is she from? Where did Nasim come from? And Myfanwy asks herself: how did I know to leave myself options, and why did I choose to stay?

      Grantchester uses her face to unlock a tablet with facial recognition he found in her safe deposit box. This cues up a video where Myfanwy explains to herself how she’s made prior arrangements to smuggle herself out of the country - if she chooses to do so. Myfanwy figures out who’s behind this: Farrier. Grantchester is shocked. He turns the cameras on.

      Farrier tells Jennifer that her display of power was more than a reminder. She wants her job back, and the asset Nazim. His powers are incredibly powerful. She feels that “the possibilities for this agency are endless” and threatens that she must be reinstated immediately. Or else? Will she sell him to a foreign power? No, Farrier threatens to drop Nazim off in front of the press.

      Farrier threatens Jennifer by planting seeds of doubt in Grantchester’s relationship with her.

      In the meantime, Monica has a memory flashback to spending time with Marcus in a bar as she’s appointed Deputy Director in her agency: Marcus tells Monica he’s applied for a desk job as an associate expert in acquisitions. Monica asks why he wants to be behind the desk, when his skillset is so tuned to it? Marcus says it’s not the job he loves: it’s her. And she says she loves him too.

    • Myfanwy tells Gestalt that it turns out she’s not a traitor. The particular unit she’s dealing with tells her to get out. They’re furious that she played along with Farrier and manipulated everyone. She says she DOES feel something for Gestalt: she just doesn’t know what it is yet.

      Myfanwy takes the bag offered to her of her smuggled possessions by Gestalt and goes to hide in her car. She calls the number in the phone and Bronwyn picks up, asking Nazim where he is? She is surprised when Myfanwy picks up.

      We then cut back to the same memory of Monica’s meeting with Marcus in the bar, toasting her appointment to being Deputy Director. What’s different this time? A little bit here and there.

      What’s the issue? They’re disagreeing about him applying for the job: Marcus reveals he loves her. She swears back at him, but says she loves him.

      Myfanwy pulls up in her car to her childhood home, where Bronwyn is waiting in the driveway. Myfanwy asks how she knows who Bronwyn is? Bronwyn insists she’s not lying and can show her some ID.

      Bronwyn says that the Chequy is a cult that isolated her from her family, and “turned her into one of their drones.” She says she’s all that’s left of her family and begs for a chance to show her the truth.

      Myfanwy’s assistant Ingrid’s phone begins pinging with notifications about her being in custody. Gestalt asks her where Monica is staying. They say they want to talk to Ingrid - alone.

      They ask about Myfanwy and if she told her what was going on. Ingrid says there were signs that something was amiss, letting her make significant decisions on her own.

      These are tiny details that only people who knew her well would notice - sending Gestalt storming out of the office in a huff.

      Back to Myfanwy in her childhood home: Bronwyn offers her a cup of tea and explains that their parents left her the home. She says they died in a car crash, but that she believes the Checquy killed them. “After your EVA manifested, they took you away from us. They abducted you from a hospital, ripped you away from us.”

      Bronwyn was in solitary confinement because of Farrier all week, and says that Myfanwy knows what her agency is capable of. Myfanwy asks about legal recourse, but how do you sue an agency that doesn’t exist? The Checquy kept Myfanwy isolated, destroying the letters Bronwyn sent her. Bronwyn says it wasn’t Myfanwy’s fault. “There was nothing I could do back then… I was completely helpless.”

      Gestalt is self-tormented over how obvious Myfanwy’s being off was. They carry on a conversation within their own minds. Ingrid tells him what hotel Monica is staying in and they head out.

      Monica keeps reliving the same memory about being with Marcus at the bar, but with subtle differences each time. This time they are disagreeing even more. This time, Marcus is yelling about not being in captivity, and Bronwyn is the waitress bringing them the check. What is the message? Gestalt shows up and says she needs to come in for a debrief.

      Grantchester goes through the cover story for Farrier’s sound incident with his colleague flirtatiously - and then Jennifer walks in. Awkwardness ensues. Jennifer tells Grantchester she’s reconsidering her position on Farrier’s leadership. “Things happen.” She says that Grantchester’s soft-hearted leadership is why he can’t be king.

      And then Grantchester tells her, as Home Secretary, that Linda was behind all of this. This gets her closing the door.

      We then cut to Myfanwy going into her childhood bedroom. Bronwyn says she idolized her growing up, and that her mom tried to send her the teddybear she had but the Chequy wouldn’t let her receive it. Myfanwy says she doesn’t remember this life. Bronwyn says there are other EVAs living a life of freedom, not servitude and violence. Bronwyn brings up that they have her taking Beta blockers to dull her emotions; Myfanwy says she should feels something, but she doesn’t. And that Bronwyn is a stranger to her. Bronwyn says she knows people who could help - she just has to get her phone to show Myfanwy her group chat.

      Myfanwy finds her diary hidden in a drawer while she waits: thumbing through a few pages, she smiles until she hears a chatter elsewhere, and follows the sound. It leads her to the memory of her party with her friends, the same memory we cut back to as a flashback in a previous episode - when her powers first manifested.

      Myfanwy falls into the past memory, smiling and laughing, until she’s brought back to the present by Bronwyn. Myfanwy drives away in shock.

      Monica tells Gestalt not to chase her, and says they might as well have a drink while they wait. Monica realizes that she recognizes the woman from the park from back in DC, when she was with Marcus, that it was Bronwyn - “She slipped her a note right to my face.

      And that means Marcus was a part of the resistance. “They played me. I was their target.” Gestalt says that “sometimes we only see what we want to see.” They tussle over her hand-bandage. Monica asks if they all have the same experience. Gestalt tells her to close her eyes. They bandage her hand, and ask where she feels it - then begin to feel her arm, shoulder, and beyond.

      Myfanwy rushes into HQ and sees 3 of Gestalt together. She apologizes, and says that she got flashes of memories. “The intensity of it, it reminded me of being with you, and maybe if we start with that, I can remember.”

      Ingrid interrupts them. She hears Peter van Syoc singing “Tempted by a fruit of another” while being sponge-bathed. She then goes into Farrier’s cell…to see if she can find out everything.