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    • Yeah, I definitely want to use and love this site—I'm just starting to think that the moral of all my lengthy posts is "I am not looking for the things Cake does best, and that's okay." 🤔 I came here looking for a G+ replacement, and it took me some time to recognize that it does something else, but it does that thing in a new and interesting way I want to see succeed. So I came here looking to use this new and interesting thing to connect directly to hobbyist communities, and now I am finding that it's better at serendipity (at least for now). And as I admit to @apm, I'm just not looking for serendipity: I like to make a beeline to the section I want in the book store, I find the channel I'm looking for on each news/social site I use, and I want the thing that takes the fewest clicks possible.

      That said, I've certainly bought stuff off those tables in the bookstore, which makes me wonder if I'd be using Cake more if only I bookmarked the "Featured" or "All" tab instead of—"For You" is kind of a ghost town since I unfollowed "Cake Feedback." If your analytics suggest that there are many others like me—dropping by, seeing nothing new under "For You," moving on—that might be helpful to know. But it definitely occurs to me that my experience may be pretty idiosyncratic.