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    • I'm not sure how you can respectfully disagree about "most posts I come across." 😉 Part of what's tricky here is that I ma not interested in digging for conversations unrelated to my specific interests—my M.O. is to just hit the front page and only click if something jumps out at me from my feed. Since the only topic I followed that ever sees any posts is "Cake Feedback," I've ended up seeing not much more than Cake Feedback. I don't doubt that there are other conversations going on, and that they are great conversations, but they're just not what I came here for—which is why this post concludes with an admission that maybe my particular use case isn't the one Cake should be shooting for, and that's not necessarily Cake's problem to worry about.

      When you describe "the joy and challenge of Cake," and getting the most out of it as "a risk" that requires me to "invest," that's precisely what I meant when I described this as work. (But I do appreciate the warm welcome and encouragement. 🙂) I have high hopes for Cake, but—and please forgive me for my bluntness—I'm not invested enough to put in uncompensated labor for a for-profit service. I have work and hobbies already, and would love to leverage Cake to engage with those in new and interesting ways, but "finding interesting conversations unrelated to my hobbies" and "trying to help Cake succeed" would be new work/hobbies that I'm not really able to commit to right now. I hope that makes sense ... and doesn't sound too obnoxious. 😬