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    • I don't know how many people on Cake are into ultrarunning, not many yet probably, but I hope some can appreciate what Courtney Dauwalter is doing. The photo at the bottom of this post is her running at mile 118 of the 200-mile Tahoe Rim Trail loop. How is that even possible? It wasn't long ago that running 100 was the most badass endurance thing you could do. And now they're going up to 240, sometimes more?

      From the article:

      This much is clear: As the distance lengthens, the biological advantages that men have grow smaller. 

      In 2017, Dauwalter won the inaugural Moab 240, a 238-mile race that zigzags along the Colorado River. She completed the route in a little less than 58 hours and beat the next competitor, a man, by 10 hours, or 20 miles. She said a one-minute nap on the side of the trail the second night of the race revived her and pushed her to the finish.

      It wasn't long ago that marathons were considered so extreme women weren't allowed in them.

    • Wow!

      I’m laughing a bit about “As the distance lengthens, the biological advantages men have grow smaller.” My husband always marvels how I can function well on very little sleep. I can be up to comfort a sick kid and nurse a baby much of the night, then still have a full day the next day. He calls it one of my mom superpowers.

      I wonder if we’ve found a sport and distance that uses one of a woman’s biological advantages? Betcha can’t go two nights on only a one minute nap, guys. 😅

    • Courtney is definitely a freak of nature. She has some super natural level of pain management. I think her ability to get into a mental place where she can move the pain to the background for very long periods of time is her superpower.