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    • Working with a mix of boomers and millenials, I know I have to constantly remind my much younger employees what is not OK to discuss at work. Especially in the shop. Mostly because some things they'll discuss are inappropriate although none is particularly concerned about it.

    • Oh, I know I'm hopelessly out of date even though I try to keep up :) But we are public facing space so I want to mitigate anything that might be considered offensive from becoming a part of every day discussions.

    • It seems to me the data shows people become more concervative the older they are. It does not necessarily show an age-independent difference. How did baby boomers behave 40 years ago?

    • So no matter how old we are we will always love to Gossip and talk about Sex and Drugs. Just need Rock n' Roll and you could say we will forever exist in the 70's. :-)

    • I have found what is inappropriate work discussions has chnaged over the past few years. Part of it is there were asshats that would gossip about people’s lives and their lifestyles. Basically homophobia and sex shaming. I simply stopped participating and eventually got promoted up. I also found being in a conservative area, the taboos are much more divisive.

      I simply projected into the space what I thought was professional and appropriate. Now outside of work, completely different story.

      It will be interesting to see how the environment is in the new job/city is.