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    • They don't fall out and I run and bike in them. I absolutely love them because I don't get any bone conduction sound with every footstrike like I do with earbuds that seal against the ear, and I don't get much wind rumble noise when biking fast.

      I think the answer is they're getting stolen. I park the Baldy Bus, as the girls call it, in the driveway unlocked because there is no crime in our neighborhood. And sometimes I leave the airpods inside.

      The other night I happened to be awake when I heard the side door close at 3:00 a.m. I rushed to look out the window but couldn't see anything in the dark. But now I remember that when I lose them, I have checked the car first and thought "Huh, I thought I left them in here. I wonder where else they could be? They're not at my charging station."