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    • I am looking for a sleep monitor gadget but have not had the time to research one. My friends say they like their Fitbits. I also want an ebike with room to bring home groceries.

    • I am pondering buying another Sonus Amp. I think they're too expensive for what they offer, but I bought one when they were on sale last year briefly, and I really love mine.

      I simply walk into my office and hit the Office window in the Sonus app on my iPhone, and beautiful music rolls out of my Bose Bookshelf speakers I've had for years. Nothing to turn on, or turn off, or connect or muck with to get things to work. So smooth, so slick, I want another one in another room, but $650 seems steep for a 125watt per chanel into 8 ohms and a Bluetooth receiver.

      I can find very nice Bluetooth receivers for $70-$100 bucks that plug into a preamp or amp - good ones that sound good and work well, not cheap junky ones that fail. I have owned several of each of those types of receivers so....

      I can find all kind of bluetooth equipped stereo receiver amps with 70-100 watts for half that price. But I would have to stop and turn them on, and off, and maybe mess with getting blue tooth to work everytime or some of the time.

      SO, I am trying to tell myself that I should be a good boy and save that extra $350 bucks in the middle of this pandemic, but boy do I like the Sonus Amp...

    • That's quite surprising. Could it be a repeat offender since they know you don't lock your car so they keep coming back? Maybe you should start locking your car 😂

    • A Fitbit is a good safe bet. Samsung also has a pretty decent fitness band line up. You could get either the Galaxy Fit e or the Galaxy Fit, depending on your budget.

      Xiaomi has a good option too, but their app isn't the best. I've used both Xiaomi's app (when I had the Mi Band 2) and the Samsung Health app (with my current Galaxy Watch) and I concur with most reviews that Xiaomi's app is a downside.

    • Whenever I am asked whether or not one should buy a new gadget, the answer is always YES. I get in trouble for that much too often, just ask @Chris.

      Thumbs up is my way of saying "go for it", but "don't blame me for it". 😜

    • I've wanted to get a new 43" Samsung QLED TV to replace my few years old 40" Samsung TV. Before the pandemic, it could justify the upgrade, but now it is indefinitely postponed.

      I don't really "need it," but I do "want it." That smaller TV stands in front of a treadmill running and walking. All three of us in our household use it regularly, but only I complain about the picture quality. The "black" colors are grey, contrast is low, and the overall picture sucks, in my opinion.

      Those are my excuses for wanting a new shiny gadget.

      I'm a big fan of QLEDs because the picture quality is far superior to traditional LCDs, but not quite as good as OLED. The price is hard to beat at $530 for the 43-inch version:

    • I have several old stereo systems in my home in various rooms, that I have added bluetooth receivers to, to port my music from my phone, or iPad, into older stereo amps that lack any kind of remote control (they are that old, but still of fairly high quality), and power my old but pretty fair large Klipsch speakers nicely - but I don't listen to radio, or LPs, or tapes any more, or even iTunes. I listen to Spotify - it always seems to offer me just what I want, when I want it, whether the music came from North America, or Canada, or Scotland or the UK or Poland - whereever - but I still have to turn the amps on and off, go through the Bluetooth connection which works fine about 3 out of 4 times. But sometimes I have to reboot my phone, or fiddle with rebooting the Bluetooth receiver, and it is just annoying. Imagine if the light switch in your bathroom only worked 3 out of 4 times and that 4th time sometimes took 10 minutes or more to rectify. argghh!!

      I have a Mass Fidelity Core music player which at low volumes sounds very nice, but 9/10 times the bluetooth connection fails and I spend 10 or 15 minutes trying to get the kludge to work. It REALLY does not like to switch back and forth between my iPad and my iPhone, it seems to actively try to connect to only one bluetooth device. And how many of us only have one bluetooth device these days, anyway? So I rarely listen to my Core, it is just that annoying.

      Whereas my Sonus amp is always on, never turned off or on, and when I walk into my office I just hit "Office" in the choices my Sonus app gives me on my phone, and music begins playing out of my bookshelf loud speakers - nice, clean, not too loud or too soft - clear music. Lovely!!

      Anyone else here use a Sonus amp or other equipment? I have a couple Sonus speakers and a playbar downstairs for my TV, but their amp is the gadget I really most enjoy. It just works so seamlessly.

    • I traded my Sony 50 in LCD TV for an LG 65 in OLED TV and have never looked back. I have an LG 32 in OLED monitor for one of my desktop machines as well. Been very happy with them.

      Samsung makes very nice devices as well.

      You know you want it......😁


    • It sounds like you have a “repetitive annoyance” on your hands, which is the ideal justification for acquiring that gadget.

      It’s one thing if you use a gadget a couple times a year and it requires more work than the pro version: electric hedge clippers that you only use in the spring and fall, Christmas tree lights, etc. The phrase “Suck it up, buttercup” comes to mind.

      But when you have a death by a thousand paper cuts annoyance, you deserve whatever will take it away.

      How much time do you spend noticing that it’s an annoyance? is another good way to look at the rate of return in calmness from your investment.

      And, you know, pandemic: so anything that reduces the stress right now, however minor that annoyance might be, is a wise bit of preventative medicine.

      Buy the damn amp!


    • Thanks for the link!

      I did look into the Samsung Frame TVs as well, but they are very pricey. Their unique feature of displaying an art piece instead of a black rectangle is perfect for modern looking décor. My house is anything but that and I would only use it on a treadmill.

      As much as I like design and photography, I doubt that I would want to stare at any piece of art for more than 5 mins. I guess I'm not a true artist!

    • I have the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 and I have been very happy with it. My emphasis is also on fitness tracking but I find that it's handy to have access to other info / apps too.

      Samsung is good about pushing updates both to their app on the phone and to the watch.

    • The advantage of a Wear OS watch is the Google integration, which includes the Google Assistant, but even then many tech reviewers still find a lot at fault with the platform.

      Samsung's Tizen lacks the Google integration and Bixby just isn't good, but as a whole the platform is slightly better than Wear OS. It's the reason why I got the Galaxy Watch.

      App support is something you need to consider too. While the Galaxy Store has many of the basic apps you'll need, if there's a specific app you want on your watch you'll need to see which platform has it.

      Also, something Samsung's watches have that no other does is a rotating bezel. My Galaxy Watch has a physical bezel which is really satisfying, while the Watch Active 2 has a capacitive bezel, which is really quite ingenious as well.

    • Yep, I'm leaning towards Galaxy, too. I would love to love Wear OS, but Google just doesn't seem to be serious about it, years of no updates, ancient HW... Samsung HW is definitely superior, but Tizen...? I had great reservations about it from way back when Samsung half-seriously imagined it to be a potential Android alternative. Those who dug into the code and APIs found it simply a horrendous, buggy mess. Since then it looks like Samsung adjusted its ambitions and made some progress engineering-wise.

      Still, I'm heavily invested in Google ecosystem, so I worry about the app support. After some digging around I found that you can get Google Assistant on Galaxy watches (yes, a hack, but c'mon, Bixby? I think not), and sync up fitness tracking with Google Fit, so that's that. Samsung first party apps seem to cover the necessities quite all right. As far as other apps are concerned, I don't anticipate a great need to have many apps on the actual watch. Phone is quite all right for that.

      So, yeah, looks like Active 2 is the way to go.

    • That thing looks really nice for a computer just to mess around on. The only thing it's really missing as a web device VS the Surface is the keyboard doesn't fold up at the end giving it a downward angle. But that's not the end of the world especially if you don't plan to type much on this. The kickstand especially looks really nice and is closer to the Surface VS the iPad keyboard cases.

      Also is it still really easy to dual boot with Linux on these? The 128GB model could be great for that since Chrome OS doesn't need much space.

    • Yup exactly. I noticed yesterday a lot of initial impression and hands-on posts were published. I guess the embargo has just lifted. Good to see that every publication is impressed with the device. That's encouraging me even more to consider purchasing it 😂

    • Availability has been updated to mid-June in several German webshops, too. Looks like this is really happening. ;)

    • I saw a youtube video about this popup and checked it out. Looks like you can run Linux programs on Chrome OS now though there are some issues especially with the mouse cursor if you make it fullscreen:

      It's at about 15 minutes in.