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    • This is Jen, owner of La Montana Club Equestre. She and her husband moved from Arkansas to Costa Rica 15 years ago and established the most amazing equestrian center I've ever seen. This is her 5-year-old beautiful mare she rescued from the slaughter house because she was considered too feisty.

      Jen and her other horses have won more than a dozen international titles for jumping. My wife and I are experienced riders so she took us up a crazy trail to her special meditation place.

      She said the hills were once covered with native forests but the cattle ranchers imported a drought-resistant grass from Africa that has been so invasive the forest can no longer compete.

    • She adores her horses and lives her dream, and it shows. She takes rides on the beaches, to volcanoes and the rain forests, she teaches jumping and has a massive, sprawling facility, and I can see from her Trip Advisor reviews that it's pretty much all 5 stars.

    • That horse she was nuzzling is her stallion and Toni was completely swept away with him. He's a big, muscular, painted beauty.

    • I am an earth scientist by background and yet I was astonished to see two clear streams flowing down a volcano suddenly change to this blue color over a few feet where they meet. I had never heard of something like that. And yet, if you scoop the blue water out and put it in a glass, it's perfectly clear. It's like a magic show where you can't figure out what the magician is doing.

      The Costa Ricans believe they figured it out. It's not anything I would have guessed.

    • Along the Rio Celeste is this gorgeous waterfall. I guess according to the Costa Rican theory of the blue color, the water should look clear coming down if it weren't falling so that it makes it white like other waterfalls?

    • Someone told us about a nest with two Jabiru Storks, a mother and her adolescent offspring who still has her fuzz around neck & head. So we did a detour to find them. These two are thought to be among the 70 remaining in the country. Habitat loss and Nicaraguan immigrants who hunt them for food are believed to threaten them with extinction.

      My conspiracy theory: George Lucas designed them but decided he had enough unique creatures for his movies.

    • Costa Rica has very interesting beaches very close to each other. Here's a lovely white sand beach, but not far away they were black.

    • We think those were spider monkeys. The next morning I jogged past the same area and heard, but couldn't see, a howler monkey down the slope. We engaged in some call and response but I think he figured out it was FAKE howling

    • Okay, the ziplining was kinda touristy but so much fun. They even let you go upside down or fly on your stomach like superman. I held my iPhone and recorded POV footage as I pretended I was Christopher Reeve.

      This is Vin looking cooler than he did wearing his American tourist hat.

    • Great photos, Robert. Now I'm missing Costa Rica all over again. Love your tagline: Photographer, life enthusiast. I have a hoodie that says "Photography is a love affair with life."

    • zest for life pales with your energy output partially capsulated spawning ADVRIDER. You have that unique gift to perpetuate inspiration. I remember getting a couple of photos on the home page rotation and that provided even more extra inspiration. Very few of "YOU" out there on this planet earth but thanks for all that you do!

    • Costa Rica is an amazing place. Very safe with lots of variety. My last visit was two-up with my wife during rainy season - she was quite the trooper with our daily drenchings. Our transportation, accommodations, and photography skills weren't quite on par with yours so I'll spare you the pictures. Maybe one shot showing our photography skills and equipment. ๐Ÿ˜

      If you go back, take the ferry to Montezuma. The scenery on the ferry ride is breathtaking and Montezuma has a laid back flavor that's hard to beat. You won't find 5-star hotels or fine dining there though. It's geared more towards college age slackers but is still a hoot for us boring middle aged tourists.