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    • That was hilarious! You intro'd it with so little fanfare I had low expectations but I almost died laughing. How he memorized that is a wonder. The first few comments on YouTube are amazing too.

      Apparently his book did well too so I bought a copy off eBay for the kids.

    • I have been showing this video around for several years. I find that the least said about it ahead of time the better. I also watch people to see if they get some of the "rewrites" such as the change made to "not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin".

    • One of the YouTube comments:

      Jenny Cook My daughter's creative writing class watched this. She came home and said, "Woe! Woman who hath birthed me, tis I, thy favorite advanced student entering upon the threshold of thy humble abode! I pray thee that thine will let me screen a video upon computer monitor from an internet website that will make you guffaw with great joy at the sight of it!" When I watched the video, I was very confused, then I realized that my daughter had a way better vocabulary then I did, and now I know where she got it. Thank you comedians!