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    • Thanks to @yiyinglu I was introduced to the striking work of 20th Century Italian designer, artist and inventor Bruno Munari. What I found particularly interesting about his body of work was his fascination with not just visual arts but also game design and literature - specifically children's books. The below illustration is from one of his books Rose nell'insalata ("Roses in the salad"), which Bruno also created an accompanying workbook to inspire children to make their own stamps out of vegetables and fruit as well. The below appears to be an onion stamp!

    • Not to water-down your Bruno-specifics....but, when I moved to Italy in 1996 with no plan...if I got one thing out of that short chapter (I ran out of money 4 months later) was how Italian design speaks to my inner core. If I had one of his Libro Illeggibile pieces, it would be beloved in my household for sure.

      Thanks for the thread...