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    • We need calorie replenishment to participate in sports activities over an hour. Many sports drinks are hard to digest and cause stomach pains. It is hard to get the calories needed for activities over 2 hours. There is a new product called Maurten that provides a new breakthrough in this area. It is out of Sweden and just became available in the US. It has been quietly being used by the winners of most of the major marathons over the last year as well as Nike's 2 hr marathon effort. The article in SI below provides an overview. In simple terms, they encapsulate the calories in minuscule gel-like bb's that pass through your stomach without irritating it. This way you can take in more calories to fuel your performance. They offer packets of 160 calories and 320. The 160 is good for 1-2 hour outings and the 320 is better for longer activities. I know a tour de France cycling team that used it this summer and had several stage wins and they attribute some of their advantage to their riders using Maurten. I have used on several three hour rides and I feel noticeably better in the last hours. For those of you who participate in long runs, rides other cardio activity, this is worth checking out. Below is also a link to where you can buy Maurten online.

    • Wow, I thought I had tried a lot of hydration products but I didn't know about Maurten. I don't watch too many sports events, even though I love them, because time but... I WATCHED EVERY DELICIOUS SECOND OF THAT 2-HOUR MARATHON ATTEMPT!! Oh my God Kipchoge can run.

      Anyway, I've been using pro hydration products not really meant for sports and they've been working pretty well, but I'll buy some Maurten and let you know what I think.

      By the way, those links you posted didn't get parsed into two different links. Here's the Sport Illustrated article and the place to buy Maurten.

    • This seems super interesting. Do you guys treat it more as an energy boost or just hydration? I'm wondering if it could get me through long hard photoshoots where I forget to eat and drink.

    • I use nunn as well. Maurten is a much different product. Nunn provides 8 calories per 16 oz and Maurten provides up to 320. Nunn provides hydration, Maurten provides hydration and calories for sustained energy.

    • It is probably better to eat and drink on your shoots. If you are looking for calorie intake via water, this would be the equivalent of an energy bar. So if fluids are your only choice, Maurten would provide longer lasting energy and more calories than other options. Skratch provides 40 calories per bottle, Nunn tablets are 8 and Mauten provides 160-320.

    • Hey Tod, dunno if you'll see this post (we need notifications), but I tried out Maurten yesterday in a half-marathon I ran in SF. There were 4,000ish runners jammed in a narrow course so the aid stations were insane. I carried a 24-ounce bottle with a Maurten 160 inside and bypassed every aid station.

      I had become pretty happy with other hydration products I tried like Drip Drop because of their mild taste, so I was glad Maurten was also very mild. I got very tired of other sports drinks whose taste reminded me of the pain at the end of an IronMan or whatever.

      Anyway, I was pretty hammered going into this race after just climbing Mt. Langley and fwiw, I felt good to the end on just Maurten. My first data point with it.

    • Thx so much for the note. Impressed you ran this after doing your mountain exploration. Glad Maurten worked for you. It really comes in handy on longer efforts. I recently had outing with 5 hrs on bike and Maurten changed the game for me. I did not need to do gels and less bars. They have been winning most marathons so think it might be particularly good for running.

    • It's true, the general rule of thumb is your HR is 10 beats higher on the run than on the bike, and it feels like your sweat rate us higher. 3 hours running is like 5 biking for most people, I think. I would have loved to put Maurten to the test back when I had the time to run 50-milers.

      I wonder what the top ultrarunners drink?

    • I'm not an expert in hydration products, but this sounds like a really amazing product. Much better than chugging a jar of honey before starting your race! ;-)

    • I've used them a lot. I regularly go on long bike rides (100miles or more) and find them to work but the fixiness sometimes upsets my stomach. I find them good if you aren't needing the calories or sugar. If I want to lose weight I'll use Nuun instead of Gatorade or a similar sugar drink that has electrolytes.

    • I've biked over 2500 hours or 30,000 miles in the last five years and have used lots of hydration products. The first thing I'd say is practice using the product on workout days and NOT for the first time during an event. Same goes for food or fuel like gels and bars. It takes time to train your body or intestinal system to process this stuff especially when you're trying to go fast. A friend of mine name Neil Shirley used to be the editor of Road Bike Action magazine and his research said you can only really take in about 500 calories an hour and that liquid calories is the best form if at very high pace. That takes time to get used to. If you drink a lot of sugar and eat a lot of sugar you can very easily get what I call sugar rot. It's that sick feeling in your stomach from consuming so much sugar. It doesn't usually come on for me until I've had about 5 bottles of Gatorade, 3 or 4 gels and other food bars. Once you get sugar rot you won't want to drink anything other than water and if so your performance will suffer. Taking tablets like Nuun are good for slower paced rides on ones where you don't need as much sugar for faster efforts or you are getting your sugar from things like gels. I've never tried salt tablets but when i do long rides indoors I take the odd pinch of salt and pop it into my mouth. I've used the Scratch stuff in a similar way to the Nuun tablets and it works the same way except there's no carbonation that upsets my stomach.

      The idea of using a gel capsule and bypassing your mouth and stomach is interesting. One concern is that the mind and body responds to the taste of sugar in your mouth and there's a strong correlation between the taste of sugar and effort levels. I forget why that is.