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    • It finally arrived. The first episode of the final season of Game Of Thrones, possibly the biggest, most popular, and most critically acclaimed TV series ever made. Fans had to wait a long time for it to finally air, and now that it has, let's have a little chat about some of the major talking points of episode one. Needless to say, SPOILER ALERT!

      Winterfell is yours, Your Grace

      The North sure is chilly. And I'm not talking about all the snow. Sansa's welcoming greeting to Daenerys was so icy cold that the Night King would shiver if he heard it. It's understandable why Sansa (and the rest of the North) aren't so welcoming of Daenerys. Jon even warned her that the North aren't so welcoming of outsiders, but the dynamic between Sansa and Daenerys is certainly something to look forward to, especially since Daenerys knows that Sansa doesn't like her but still expects her respect. Having Jon between them only makes it more interesting, especially now that he knows the truth about his true identity.

      You know nothing, Jon Snow

      Ygritte couldn't have been more right. Jon Snow has been the rightful heir to the throne all this while and he never even knew it. Though to be fair, we didn't know either until the end of last season. But now that he does know, what does that mean for Daenerys? Will she step aside and let Jon take the throne? Will she fight him for it? What will Jon - who willingly bent the knee for Daenerys - do now that he knows his true heritage? So many questions!

      I don't know how to ride a dragon!

      One of the coolest scenes of the episode was without doubt watching Jon and Daenerys riding the dragons through the North. Great cinematography and a great family moment between aunt and nephew 🤣

      You're a cold little ***** aren't you?

      Arya's growth throughout the show has been remarkable. From a scared little girl (ok she was never really scared) to a master assassin. The Hound summarised her current standing in the show brilliantly when they met again in Winterfell. She'll play a huge role in the upcoming battle for Winterfell, and I can't wait to see her in her in action.


      The episode ended on a knife's edge with Jaime arriving in Winterfell and Bran staring him down. Jaime's reaction when he saw and recognised Bran was incredible. Looking forward to seeing how Jaime attempts to earn Bran's forgiveness, which I think will fit perfectly with his redemption arc.

      There were of course other things that happened in the episode, like Daenerys meeting Sam, Cersei getting upset about elephants, and Theon rescuing her sister, but these were my highlights. What did you enjoy the most from episode one?

    • SUCH a good episode & recap! I expected all the episodes this season to be 1.5 hours instead of 54 minutes, so it felt like it flew by... we need more!

      There was a lot of reuniting this episode. I think the big theme this episode is reconciling multiple identities - for Theon, he's able to be both a Stark and a Greyjoy. That was such a meaningful moment!

      Also, I don't want to spoil the element of horror at the end of the episode, but it was so startling I jumped in my seat! Click this link if you want to know why.

    • This was an episode jam packed with almost all of the remaining characters of the series! The only exclusions I could recall were Melisandre and Hot Pie. But Melisandre has kinda fallen into the background, as she was banished from Winterfell and Hot Pie is clearly being held back for greater things. (check out the actor's real-life bakery!)

      When consulting anything Game of Thrones, I always go back to the YouTube channel, Alt Shift X. They've taken all of the notes on the series and refer to the books often, so you're never left behind on the drama that differs from the adaptation. Be forewarned, it's a YouTube K-hole that will suck away hours of your life (but you'll be much more knowledgeable about things like What is the Horn of Winter or Ser Pounce = Azor Ahai.

      There's even online betting scores on who will win the Iron Throne. (Ignore the fact that they rated Peter Baelish on there, as he's dead and the wights aren't bringing him back.) Personally, I think the most likely outcome is that Sansa is going to become the next Cersei and wouldn't be surprised to see her attain the throne. But, that's just from my own observations. At this point, it's anyones game. Especially Hot Pie.

    • There are definitely some open questions here for me:

      Like Sansa said: No really, where are they getting food? The north is frozen over and just came out of a ton of war and raiding. I imagine people are starving in the South right now too. I'm hoping that her comment about it is an omen of what's to come rather than just mentioning it to get the question out of the way. If it were the books I'd say it will become a major theme but we have already seen people teleporting around Westeros in the show so who knows.

      The night king has his own dragon now. What's to stop him from just converting the other two dragons? Getting the first one seemed easy enough.

      One thing that was getting hinted at at the end of this episode, and the end of the last season, is that we should be getting a bit deeper into the relationships between the First Men, The Children of the Forest, and the White Walkers. I'm hoping we finally learn the Night King's motivations and why he has a beef with the living.

    • The only exclusions I could recall were Melisandre and Hot Pie.

      We also didn't get to see much of Brienne yet, but I'm sure we'll see more of her in the coming episodes, especially when the fighting starts.

    • I enjoyed the episode, although it seemed like a lot of setup. That was probably needed after almost 2 years off, but there’s only what, 5 or 6 more episodes?! I’m with @Victoria , we need more! And stat!!!

      But based on the next episode teaser, it seemed like they’re going to ramp it up pretty quick with some human on zombie combat. So its probably fine.

      Very curious how they’ll treat the rest of the episodes. I feel like they have a lot of loose ends to tie up. Either way, I have a feeling we’re going to see a LOT of combat.