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    • When I was in grades 6 to 8 I played video games. After that I basically lost interest in them. I've not really had much interest in them but keep reading that playing videos games and especially 3D video games has been shown to increase brain matter and help fight off degenerative brain diseases. Who wouldn't want that? So here I am wondering where to start. I'm not into first person shooter games. Anyone have any suggestions? I have a Mac computer with great graphics card but no gaming system and I don't want to spend too much money.

    • So, the main reason 3D shooters are beneficial is because it forces you to solve complex problems at a fast pace, so any games that meet that requirement will probably give you the similar benefits. As a Mac user, a great starting point would be to just download Steam and explore the store to see what games get your attention. There are lots of lists from both Steam and user curators about awesome games, and they can generally be had for pretty cheap, especially indie games.

      If you want one specific game, I'm playing Shovel Knight right now, and absolutely loving it. It's a twitchy and tough platformer that will definitely give you a mental workout. Their three-game bundle is available for only $19.99 right now.

      Hollow Knight is another metroid-vania-style platformer that has won several awards this year, and it's on sale for less than ten bucks.

      If you're looking for something different, Don't Starve is a game from the survival genre that will keep your brain going as you try to gather and manage resources. It's somewhat slower paced, with less emphasis on the action, but it's difficult and engaging, and the Don't Starve mega-pack with several games is on sale for under $13

      There is a sale going on right now, so there are lots of great, cheap options. Check around and see what tickles your fancy!

    • i also check out Humble Bundle every so often as they let you name your price on items, including game groups. Also a portion of the money goes to charity.

      Steam has lots to chose from as mentioned. I will say that if you aren’t interested in a first person shooter, there are things like Tetris, Gran Turismo, sports games, and other active games. I am not sure if same result.

      I have to do poorly at video games, so finding a game that is not frustrating takes a while for me. I am almost past Level One in Star Wars: Battlefront which is at least two years old. Part of the reason I pick games with less complex controls.

    • If you've got a computer, sign up for Steam and look through their games. The ratings and comments will help you choose one you think you'd like, and there are lots of free ones if you aren't sure.

    • If you want a bit of strategy, the X-Com games are pretty good, require thought, but you can jump in and out of them since they're turn based.

      And also the Civilization series of games have a great deal of replay-ability:

      Cities Skylines also has decent reviews (only one of these I haven't played yet). Good Old Games is also a decent place to pick up a bargain once in a while. They used to specialize in bringing old games to the modern computer, but there are a lot of newer games on there these days also.