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    • Good questions, Dracula. The way the first three tabs work is:

      Home: conversations are ranked according to things like freshness and activity. As the number of conversations on Cake increases, I think you'll see new conversations work their way up your home feed as they become popular, and then eventually appear far from the top on this tab as time marches on.

      You can flip between For You (just the topics you follow) and All in the home tab, which will eventually become a firehose like YouTube's trending feed.

      Star: Conversations you either chose to follow or posted in appear here no matter when they were started. Ones most recently modified float to the top, just like in a forum.

      Explore: This is where you can navigate down a structure of sorts.

      Does that help? Let me know if I didn't answer your questions.

    • Thank you Chris, it does answer my questions for the most part. ;-) So I guess the Explore part is using the Search page, via "Featured" and "More Categories" but I reckon someone's going to have a tough task organizing these in logical hierarchy. For example "Cycling" is now not a sub level part of "Sports" but "Bicycles" and "Action Sports" is.

      Another interesting aspect to my mind would be the interconnections between these categories and their content, which one drives which..

    • what I am trying to understand is what happens to old conversations, they get pushed down in a linear sequential FIFO stack, or is there some sort of ranking system that shuffles visibility prioritizing it.

      What @Chris described is the default Interesting sort order. There are actually two other sort options that you can choose from: Active and New.

      Active will bump conversations with recent activity to the top, regardless of how old the conversation is. New is the sequential FIFO stack that you talked about.

      Personally, I like using the Active sort option to keep up with all new post activity.