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    • One of my end-of-year activities is to review the photos I took during the year to select what I consider to be my top photos of the year. When I started this exercise back in 2011 my top photos were predominantly landscapes with a few macros jumping in.

      This year my selection was more macros than landscapes.

      I will share what I consider to be my top macro photos of the year in this thread.

      For anyone reading, I would love to see your top macro photos from this year too. If you would like to share, please post your photos in this thread!

    • Here are my top macro photos from 2019, a combination of flowers and butterflies.

      A smile from an orchid, at Longwood Gardens:

      A line of tulips, at Chanticleer:

      An emerging calendula, at Stevens-Coolidge Place in North Andover, MA

      Butterflies, at Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory

      A mystery flower, does anyone know the name?

      A monarch butterfly feeding on lavender

      chrysanthemums in bloom, at the fall Chrysanthemum show at Smith College

    • I sadly don't have many especially since this used to be a main focus of my photography. But there are a few days left in the year so maybe this thread can be a good motivator like your flower one was.

    • Yes the annual top ten shots is something I also do each year, I've already started to prepare to work out my top ten, so far this year I've taken 55, 000 plus shots so cutting it down to only ten is alwyas a challange, but well worth doing as you have to critically review yoru own work, which is alwyas interesting in itself, cutting down the last twenty is always the hard bit, Ive already narrowed it down to 49, but I'm still shooting for the year so occasionally one of the last shots sneeks in, but more often than not they don't make it. But in keeping wiht they topic heres one in the running. When I've finihsed my top ten I'll share the link in my feed here on Cake.