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    • I am a realist, both as a writer and as a photographer. While I can and do appreciate the golden hour (let's be honest, who doesn't?), my photography centers around the decisive moment, which doesn't often happen during the golden hour. Except for this one time recently...

    • i tend to make the best of where and when I am and its usually not at the golden hour. I just feel you limit yourself from other opportunities by restricting your self to a particular set of parameters

    • Depending on what I’m shootings, landscapes yes golden hour, birds early morning but after golden hour when I have more light for faster shutter speeds, Mushrooms and plants any time of the day as I bring my own light. 😉

      Image below taken in full sun, gels on a flash to give the warm golden glow of golden hour.

    • Great photo.

      Do I like it? Yes. Do I need it? Probably no. I live in Scotland so most of my photos make use of the grim weather and flat light. 😬