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    • I love this article which I just found by searching for threads about dogs. I was looking for a discussion of how long humans have been pairing with dogs - I have seen several articles over the last year suggesting that the human cainine pairing goes back much farther than the usual suggestion of about 10,000 years - just barely before the agricultural revolution.

      I came across this article in the New York times as I was wandering through suggestions sent to me about dogs and humans by the AI at the New York Times.

      I was moved to read this article because I felt if had one of the best opening paragraphs I have read in a very very long time

      "Before humans milked cows, herded goats or raised hogs, before they invented agriculture, or written language, before they had permanent homes, and most certainly before they had cats, they had dogs."

      Maybe there is a genetic reason. More and more researchers think dogs and humans joined purpose almost 30,000 years ago

      And @Chris, your pictures of kids and dogs are outstanding!

    • Fascinating! It just so happens I watched episode 3 of Connected on Netflix yesterday and they found the oldest man poop known — 50,000 years — and apparently dog poop with it, in a cave.

      Also, I'm working on an episode for my YouTube channel about microbes in & on us, and the experts recommend having a dog to give you two more years of life and healthier immunity. I just read this book over the weekend and one way they keep us healthy is to keep us from losing all our microbes: