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    • Today we're in Pasadena, the city that comes to life every January 1st with the Tournament of Roses parade and the Rose Bowl game.

      Oh, but there's much more to the city, as I found out recently when I joined up with Dave Basulto, the inventor of the @iOgrapher smartphone and tablet mobile filmmaking case.

      We walked the parade route together, from the top of Colorado Street, by the historic Colorado Street Bridge, down by the Norton Simon Museum, through Old Pasadena, the amazing City Hall and ending at the Pasadena Playhouse.

      One highlight I didn't expect--those amazing tiles at the Urth Caffe. And the marquee of the Public Library.

      Join us on this video of Pasadena, and let me know your thoughts!


    • My jealousy for what you get to do every day continues to grow. 😎

      The only times I have been to Pasadena was for conferences at CalTech. Now that you've pointed out all I've been missing, next time I'll make some extra time.

      Great quotes:

    • Hey Chris,

      It's nice to be envied! Just going out and doing what you and I love!

      And I'm thrilled that the quotes appealed to you as well. This is classic Photowalk material. I guarantee you most folks walking down the street don't even notice yet. It's amazing what we see when we take the time to zoom in.

      Can't wait to do Palo Alto with you one day!