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    • Play with it. Relax and have fun. It would depend what age their kids were. I'd try to find activities both the parent and kid would enjoy. Katamino is a great game using pentominoes. It doesn't seem like math to most math-averse people. To me, it's one part of math. But maybe this family would prefer to do math scavenger hunts. Or maybe the parent will relearn their math along with their kid. Beast Academy has been mentioned in this conversation, and it seems like a great way for parents for start fresh.

      If they were interested in reading Playing With Math, I'd want to know which chapters they engaged with most. That would help me get an idea of what works for them. The goal would be to be comfortable enough not to pass along their fears and displeasure with math. And that's definitely doable. But those parents might still find competition-level math too intimidating.