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    • I saw the email from Chris a while back about open to the public. I know it is not a big step from being able to sign in and view post vs simply open and click any topic you want. Perhaps the way of online living. I find it difficult to be that open with the entire web vs a more closed group of various people. Pictures of family and close emotional discussions etc.
      Is the methodology to be open book to bring in folks to post based off being able to view but not participate in the conversation?
      I could just be very disconnected from the new way?

    • Hi and thanks for signing up and asking the question!

      It feels like there's a huge trend to make future social media be closed groups, largely because public discourse on sites like Twitter became infested with trolls. Closed groups are great for lots of conversations. Companies like WhatsApp and Facebook host a zillion of them.

      We think public discourse is incredibly valuable, however, and we have some exciting ideas to make it better. I don't know how many people on Cake saw our post on Medium, but it lays out some of what we're thinking and hints of what's to come in the near future.

    • As Chris said, we want Cake to be a place for public discourse. But we've also been careful to make sure that Cake is friendly to users who don't want to reveal their true identities.

      Cake doesn't require you to use your real name, and we don't reveal your email address to other users. We want people to feel comfortable participating in conversations, and we recognize that some people may not be comfortable talking about certain things publicly without the safety of anonymity.